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I have created two tables (sheets) in a google spreadsheet.

Where in the first table it has a column of the name of the second table.

App Editor detects this and creates the references as the documentation states.

The problem is when selecting a row in the app from the first table the inline view doesn't show anything to get to the second table?

I don't know how else to explain this.



been playing around with the AppSheet for 2 days now. It does a lot of great stuff, but I always come to situation where I do not know if it is possible or if it is then how?

I have many columns ( >50)

I have set the view to show 4 of the columns which it does in the right order. Then there is an arrow on the right side so I can see the entire data for the selected row.

When selecting a row I would like the view to change to gallery, is this possible?

I also have problems with empty cells. Simply they do not show up, so I would like them to show up with a custom image. Is this possible?


Expression builder seems to be broken. Yesterday it worked with examples, but today no examples are visible.

I'm new and have create a project called "Test". Now I would like to rename this project but cannot find any place where that can be done. Can someone help guide me to where I can change the name of my project?


Hej All,... I've tried the createjs preload and have some problems with the chrome browser when developing. It seems the preload fails on the chrome browser, but it works fine in firefox. I have tried countless combinations of parameters for the LoadQueue and non work. Can someone please put me on the right track. regards, Peter

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