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Jen Bonnell
I read books, I make stuff.
I read books, I make stuff.

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jesus christ, google+, I get a new phone and you freaking wipe everyone out of my circles? WTF?

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1st promo for Robin Palmer 's awesome GEEK CHARMING, now a disney channel TV movie! YAY! This will be awesome! Geek Charming - New Movie - Disney Channel Official

Did netflix not learn anything? Splitting services and renaming the dvd only version "qwikster" and worst of all, splitting the queues is ridiculous. We stayed with the price increase, but with this, I'm dropping the dvd service. Really, its a shame they seem to be in some stupidity spiral.

I liked having my queues linked so that when shows and movies on my dvd queue became available on streaming, they would just automatically appear on my streaming queue. Now? Ugh.

I knew Carrie Fisher was a script doctor on a bunch of movies, but I didn't know they included The River Wild, Hook, and Wedding Singer. THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH.
Books: Interview: Carrie Fisher

I love my scale. I have my bread recipie down to 2 minutes with it. Now I just need to memorize the conversions (cups to oz or g)
De Gustibus: The Kitchen Scale: A Tool Whose Time Has Come

I woke up early, pried a screaming child off my leg to catch the early express train to make it to a meeting, and have been waiting at the station for the no show train. No announcements. And now my regular train just showed up. Fuck you nj transit.

jesus christ, there's a reason I don't live in CA! our building swayed first one way, then the next. and I do love my coworkers, because to a man, we all were like, I'm leaving see ya outside.

I do not like either earthquakes or this freaky freaky cool crisp beautiful sunny weather that reminds me far too much of 9/11. Hope everyone is ok. and that I do not have to walk down those 15 flights of stairs ever again.

Once again, brick lane curry house in Montclair, your lack of understanding of the words "very mild" have ruined my dinner and brought me to tears. This is twice now. I doubt there will be a third, especially since I don't think that accidental hang up when I called to complain was truly accidental. Which sucks because good Indian food is hard to come by in our town. (and seriously, who the hell makes a spicy samosa? Or a spicy korma?! people who don't want my money, that's who)

I really want to smack the helicopter mom who has been talking NON STOP about how she's been pushing her twenty year old soon into accounting because he seems to like math, and what a waste the two years of college before you choose a major is.

There should really be an astronaut jones exhibit at the smithsonian air and space museum
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