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After I found my phone unbootable (RR 5.8.1 on OnePlus 3T), I wiped cache and dalvik and reinstalled RR (and gapps for good measure, since I wasn't sure if it was necessary).

Now my phone boots fine, but my pin no longer works! (It still works to decrypt the phone at the beginning of boot, but when I enter it at the lock screen after booting is complete it says it's wrong. I'm sure it's the right pin - I've only ever had one, and it worked fine yesterday.)

Any guesses as to what could cause this?

After installing SuperSU and LiveBoot from the play store, I can no longer boot RR 5.8.1 on my OnePlus 3T. It just displays the boot logo indefinitely.

I can't logcat either - when I boot into recovery and connect with adb I get "logcat read failure."

Any guesses as to what might be going on, or pointers as to where to look next to troubleshoot?

(Others are running SuperSU on RR with no issues, right? LiveBoot, which is by the creator of SuperSU, seemed harmless enough so I foolishly installed it at the same time - now I don't know which caused the problem.)

Should I ask support questions here, or over in the forum at

About 90% of the time I try to ask a question at the forum, I'm first told to answer the following security question first to prove I'm not a bot: "Who develops RR?" Um... after reading the RR website and github, the only answer I can find is "The RR team." Which isn't accepted.

A few times I was instead asked something like "What brand of phone does RR run on?" It runs on a lot of brands of phones... I tried a few but couldn't guess what it was looking for.

After reloading a couple dozen times I got it to ask "What is google's phone OS called," which was answerable. But I don't want to have to just reload dozens of times every time I want to post...

Should I just ask questions here instead? Has this mostly replaced that forum? If the forum is better, what are the security question answers?

When I click a folder, the zooming animation as it opens is very pretty, but it's also very slow. Is there any way to speed up the folder-opening animation? I don't want to turn off the animation entirely, just make it a little snappier.

Is there any way to set up Lightning so that tapping anywhere outside the topmost folder (not just on empty space) will close the folder?

By default, tapping outside an open folder will activate whatever you click on. This is in contrast to any other launcher I've used, where tapping anywhere outside a folder closes the folder.

I love that Lightning folders are much more flexible, and this default behavior in other launchers isn't always desirable here - but is it even possible?

Just discovered Lightning and I'm loving its flexibility! I'd love to be able to do some of the things I'm used to in other launchers, though...

One of my favorite features in both Nova and AL3 is the ability to set most of my folders so that tapping on the folder opens an app (the first app in the folder), but swiping up on the folder opens the folder itself. When I've used those launchers, most of my icons worked this way - so for example, clicking on my Map icon would open Google Maps, but swiping on it would show me all my mapping and navigation apps.

Is there any way I can make this the default behavior for folders in LL?
Here's my current process, manually for each folder:
1. Edit folder properties
2. Set "tap" to "Launch an app"
3. Select the app from the (long) list of all my apps.
4. Set "Swipe up" to "Launch the item"

This gives me the behavior I want, but it's a lot of work per-folder. After doing this, each folder still looks like a folder - other launchers set the folder icon to match the icon of the first app. If I want to do that here, it gets even more complicated:

1. Choose "Customize Item"
2. Choose "Select an icon"
3. Select "External file browser"
4. Select my preferred icon pack from the sidebar
5. Find the icon for the app I selected

And if I'm not using an icon pack, and just want to use the app's default icon, it's even harder - I'm honestly not sure how to do that at all.

Any way to simplify the above process?

I'd like to use autoshare to trigger when I share a contact, then use autocontact to extract info from that shared contact. But autoshare provides a uri for the contact's vcard file instead of for the contact itself, and autocontact doesn't know what to do with it. Is there a way to use these together?

Is there any way to do something like the "Pick Contact" intent, but instead of showing all the contacts on my phone, it only shows the contacts in a particular group? (Or, failing that, only contacts matching some search, or only contacts matching any set of criteria at all?)

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An odd bug with Google reminders... I created a reminder by speaking "remind me in half an hour to move the car." Created perfectly, no problems. Half an hour later, nothing happens. More time passes, then I go check Google Now and see this. As the screenshot shows, as of 1:02 PM I have an "upcoming" reminder at 12:54 PM.

Does Google know something I don't? Something involving a TARDIS, perhaps? :)

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