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Jack jr: Dad, would you be in the Mafia if you had the chance?

Jack: no son. I can't be a Christian and be in the Mafia.

Jack Jr: oh yeah. Thats right. You have to be a Catholic.

(True conversation)

Just watched the Cilantro's Taco Wars video and loved your Jack On The Go t-shirt.  Would like one and just checked around on your various links and didn't see it for sale. I would love it and also your icon dude on a t-shirt too! Know you have the apron but I can't wear it out and about. Well, I could but the cool kids would make fun of me.

Could it be possible to put these designs and maybe some others up on Zazzle or CafePress? That way you can make a dollar without having to inventory a bunch of merch. A big fan like me would love to show my fandom!

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A great look at going low carb and why it may not be working.

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Great observation!

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This is some good stuff here. Inspiring.

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