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I look forward to the coming election. #OWS stick to your guns. Don't vote for the incumbent just because he has a "D" next to his name. You gave him your trust once, and he basically spit in your face as Bush 1.5. Vote third party, it won't win but it will send a message.

And if you're participating in the #Occupy movements and vote for the incumbent President, you're a hypocrite and a coward.
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Hey the correct term is George W. Obama/OBiden 2012
Besides the only Candidate who isn't part of the program has no way of winning the Nomination, we are screwed no matter what.
We're definitely screwed. But if we just keep on throwing the parties out, either one of these days they'll wake up or we'll eventually have enough registered DTS (like myself) to weaken the parties to the place where a third party could have a chance.

After all, nothing could stop the Federalist praty... then they went away. And nothing could stop the Whigs... and then they went away... and I think its about time the Bull-Moose party returned!
GAG, haha, that's awesome, hey man don't mess with the jesus. haha. Its more like fake concern for God, Abortion, and Gays.
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