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Due to terribly unfortunate events, Boston Comic Con has been postponed for the immediate time being.  Perhaps we'll get the chance to meet up later, eh?

That terrifying moment when the printer just refuses to work for, like, 2 hours and you just don't know what to do...I think I gave it a bit of a fright, though.  I started looking online for a new printer and it just suddenly started working again...

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I'll be updating tumblr on something of a daily basis for the next few weeks before BostonComicCon.  If you're interested, stop by:

I'm a little amazed at how old technology makes me feel sometimes...

I think I need a road map to get around over here!  Whew!  I managed to upload a few samples to an album...but I see that that post is exactly under this one!  So!  There you go! :)

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Drawn with graphite, inked with pen, cleaned and coloured digitally.
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Okay. I'm trying to get the hang of this multi-platform, cross-promotional, keepin' it all straight thing...but dang it's a bit confusing...
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