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Peer to Peer Lending is set to revolutionise borrowing and lending in Hong Kong.

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滿足您 現在 的需要 以你的未來租金收入 - 年利率低至7厘 (每月平息0.32%)
Fulfill Your PRESENT Needs With Your FUTURE Rental Income - For as low as 7% APR (0.32% p.m).

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Aligned to the British P2P model, Monexo is poised to change P2P lending in Hong Kong through its focus on transparency and use of best-in-class technology to deliver efficient services.  Hong Kong is the financial capital and it needs innovative services in line with the 21st Century rather than being rooted with 1,300 money lenders.

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Thank you for selecting Monexo Innovations as one of the hottest startups in Hong Kong for the year. 

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“Banking is necessary — banks are not.” - Bill Gates

Peer to Peer Lending is set to make a dent in the US$70 billion unsecured loans market in Hong Kong. 

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Peer to Peer Lending is disrupting the financial services sector in Hong Kong. Learn how you can benefit from it as a borrower or lender.

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"Monexo has been selected as a semi-finalist at the Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015!"

Innotribe is a SWIFT initiative aiming at providing insights on innovation. This year, over 500 judges selected the semi-finalists entering the programme. We are one of them!
Join us at the Singapore Showcase on 28th May when we share our innovative products.

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