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Vincent Schneider
CG Artist and Occasional Tool Scripter
CG Artist and Occasional Tool Scripter

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Animation baker
Another something made to emulate a common Motionbuilder function: Plotting ! This script allows you to bake (or plot, or collapse, whatever you name it) any transformation animation on any object or hierarchy. It works in the simplest way possible, select ...

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Mirror vertices selection
Once you collapsed your Symmetry modifier, you sometimes have to make little tweaks on your mesh. Usually you want to make those tweaks on both sides of your mesh, so you need to manually select the symmetric vertices. Well, not anymore ! This little macroS...

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Biped Picker
Another tool I dearly missed in 3dsMax after working on Motionbuilder was this: If, like the little dude up there, you're wondering what's this oddly proportioned, flip-flops clad blue surfer is doing on such a serious blog, that means you never laid eye on...

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Interactive Time Scrubber
Let's keep on the subject "How to turn Max into Motionbuilder"! While working with Motionbuilder, I got accustomed to use the Time Scrubbing by holding down the J key and dragging left or right
in the viewport. It allows to easily see what's ...

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