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February Desserts To Cure Your Wintertime Blues
For as much as the winter months seem to take the energy right out of me, they seem to make the kids as restless and rowdy as ever!  There’s no better time to get motivated and give the little restless hands in your house a fun and creative activity to do. ...

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Glimmies From Flair Review
A brand new range from Flair, Glimmies are star fairies sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals. This is the reason why Glimmies have cute resemblances to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship and always...

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A Little Obsession....
Being an Ex-Raver I'm drawn to anything that has a bit of colour, preferably the whole rainbow and anything a bit plastic.. I loved the whole junk jewellery vibe then I got really fat and anything of a standard necklace wouldn't fit around my neck.. A huge ...

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3 top haircare tips everyone should know
If your haircare routine currently consists of a quick shampoo, it’s time to listen up. It’s important to look after your locks if you want to keep them looking and feeling great. With this in mind, here are three top haircare tips that everyone should know...

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My Fairy Garden From Interplay
So if you asked me what children's TV advert I remember from the run up to Christmas, it would be the My Fairy Garden catchy one. The My Fairy Garden range has now been extended and there is lots of different item to grow your own fairy garden. With five fa...

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The Hyena Hideout Playset From Just Play
Who remembers Disney Lion King? On Disney Junior there is a spin off show called The Lion Guard. Lexie is a huge fan of the show and the original film too. Just Play have just launched a whole range of The Lion Guard toys , so children can play alongside th...

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Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker Review
My slow cooker is my main kitchen appliance, I try and use it everyday and it's literally a god send at times. The problem is is only a 3 litre and sometimes I find it a big small, as a family of four. I was so excited when we got asked to review the Bella ...

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A New Year, A New You Campaign.
I love a good film and in total honesty if it isn't something I'm watching with the kids it will be a horror flick. I've been challenged to try something new and watch films i wouldn't normally reach for. The following films have been picked for me which ar...

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Top Tips With Dealing With Unwanted Guests
The thing I dread most is my daughter picking up headlice, I know it's all part and parcel of school life but they are so hard to get rid of. I'm trying my best to prevent it as much as I can.  It can be frustrating, as sometimes it takes a while to discove...

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Keeping Your Home Safe.
Times have changed and it's so easy now to leave your home unsafe. Gone are the times when you could leave your door open and the neighbours just pop in and out as they please. When trying to keep safety at a minimum and your valuables safe. I've put togeth...
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