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Are there European photographers following the page?

Please let us know in the comments.
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+Kevin Thomas is a European photographer (and friend) that I follow. He's fairly new to G+ so could do with lots of support!
Please ask the other European photographers you know to leave a comment here. We have some plans to highlight your work and share it with other Europeans.
Of course. One amateur from Denmark right here :-) ...
Yes, I'm a passionate photographer from Austria :)
I'm a amateur photographer from Sweden.
Yes. Another amateur photographer from the Netherlands.
And another amateur photographer from the Netherlands (although I publish only few pics on G+, but I'm interested in the topic).
Celia A
I am following. I'm from Portugal.
yes, there are photographers following - another one here!
Sure, one more amateur photographer here.

French photographer currently living in France and organiser of photowalks in Paris. You're all welcome to join us: +Photowalk Paris.
Amateur photographer from Germany, so count me in!
I'm a British photographer living in Eastern France. Haute Saone (70)
amateur who loves photography from austria.

I have to agree with +Andre Sinisalu actually. he put my thoughts into words very well! Thank you!
I think I wouldn't call myself a photographer yet, but I am trying to get there.
Greetings from Estonia! :)
Greetings, I'm a photographer from Greece, specializing in wildlife macros.
Sure. Another amateur photographer, now from Spain
Yep count me in! from Turkey...
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