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First, thank you for removing the persistent notification in this latest update!

I do not know if anyone like her (I hate), but you can offer the option to activate it for those who want to do it.

Now, problems:
* The performance is very bad. You feel the application "hooking", especially in the problem below.
* Whenever we open a folder appears that ball spinning saying're upgrading. Sometimes it disappears and not updated anything. I put to to update again, it makes the process but does not update the correct list of folders and files. This update process will take and is often unsuccessful. Sometimes the folder appears empty, and is not empty.

The list of folders and files urgently needs a smarter update.

The application needs to store in your data (not in the cache), the folder listing of the folders and files that the user has accessed. When the user opens again he should check FAST and DISCREETLY if there are changes in the list. Is currently the inverse, it takes forever with that spinning wheel. And the results are not good.

The PDF viewer is horrible for navigation with zoom. Instead of slipping on the page it does is change page.

In addition, it takes too long to load the file (already downloaded).

A problem of this and all previous versions: Ask the user to log in again.

Today I spent a lot of anger because when I needed the application it logged off when opening. When I tried to log in, the confirmation code in Microsoft Account application never arrived.

In a mobile application that SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN.


Security is for the user concerned, putting password on your device. It's very annoying having to log in again.

Another thing that can not stand is in each update be begging to activate the backup camera (which I do not use the function only because of the persistent notification which also should not exist).

They are totally unpleasant standards that should be abolished.

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