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The Herbert Jenkins Wireless magazine
·                                  Title:   The  Herbert Jenkins '  Wireless . ·                                  Publication
Details:  London  ·                                  Uniform
Title:  The
Herbert Jenkins' Wireless (London, England : 1919)  ·     ...

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The Lobster at Home
The Lobster at Home. By
Grant Allen From Longman’s Magazine, July 1896. Digitized
by Doug Frizzle, Feb. 2017. IT
was, you will remember, the erroneous opinion of Alice (in Wonderland) that
whiting were fish with their tails in their mouths. That biological ...

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Novels Without a Purpose
WITHOUT A PURPOSE. BY GRANTALLEN . 'Brain for brain, in no market can you sell your abilities
to such poor advantage. Don't take to literature if you've capital enough in
hand to buy a good broom, and energy enough to annex a vacant crossing' (1892) ...

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The Stragglers Part 1
The Four Stragglers – Part1 FEBRUARY 1 1923 AUTHOR OF “THE MIRACLE MAN’’ Illustrated by Dudley Gloyne Summers In this story a Cockney flower girl becomes a petted doll. PROLOGUE The Four of Them THE crash of guns. A Battle. Dismay. Death. A night of chaos.

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Buying an Automobile, 1911
Magazine MR. BLANK, begins Herbert L. Towle, writing in Recreation , has made up his mind to buy
an automobile. Can we help him out with some advice? Well, maybe. But first we
must ask some questions,...

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PIRATES One kiss spelled apparent doom for Martin Lane, and sent him
down the swift descent to an Avernus from which it seemed that there could be
no recovery. FRANK L. PACKARD NOVEMBER 15, 1924 This long novelette is complete in this issue. THE Bonara , Si...

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Shanghai Jim
SHANGHAI JIM The Short Story... Vengeance beckoned to 'Kenyon from across the world, and he
ran it to earth in a perfumed island of the South Pacific. But it proved a
boomerang until he learned how to master it. FRANK L. PACKARD (1929) UNDER the swinging la...

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Novels of Frank Packard
Frank L. Packard (1877-1942)
was a Canadian novelist, most famous for his Jimmy Dale action mystery novels.
Below is a list of all of his books: SHANGHAI JIM Four short novels of crime on the high
lay down one’s life for on...

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Right or Wrong
Right or Wrong By
Lacey Amy Illustrated
by Dudley Gloyne Summers From
MacLean’s Magazine, 1 February, 1928. Digitized
by Doug Frizzle, 1 Jan 2017. We were gathered round the fireplace at the end of the club dining room, six of us, a
trio of pipes, a brace o...

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Biographical Sketch of A Hyatt Verrill
A Biographical Sketch of A.
Hyatt Verrill This may be the best summary
of the life of A. Hyatt Verrill that I have read in my 15 years of research on
the author. I have added a few footnotes and hyperlinks to add some details. There are
hundreds of other pa...
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