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Michio Kaku gave a talk at my school saying this would be coming. And here it is. Its so soon though. Not sure I like this but I'm sure it will help some people. Still this takes it to a new level. What will people be taking pictures of? I don't want to know. And btw this is extremely good news for the NSA. this is where we are at. 
Been doing this forever. Best tips. Also download ccleaner to help clean up but don't mess with the registry 
Spring is when we reboot our life cycles, paring down and cleaning up our lives in anticipation of bigger, better things to come with warmer weather – and there’s no better time to do the same thing for PCs and laptops. To get your system running at optimum levels you need to shed all the…

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But honestly there aren't many role models now a days. Almost everyone especially the youth takes the easy way and says they are "different" and that different is good and better but I see otherwise. #rolemodels

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That is a lot of air traffic. Check out the video. 

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I remember some of these. 
How many of you have used them in real life? Maybe if you do research or are a physicist or a teacher. Otherwise you probably will never use them. All that hard work! For what..
17 Equations That Changed the World

This is Ian Stewart's list, from his book by the same name.

What are some other choices?  I would nominate the quadratic equation, A =pi r², and Google page rank.
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Electronic Products magazine says improved 3D CAD is among the top 10 engineering advancements of the 21st century

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