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Content Marketing Beat -  Here's a great way to learn about ROI for #ContentMarketing  at an excellent retreat location on an island about 30 minutes north of Seattle, WA.  I have been there twice and enjoyed and learned each time.
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#SocialMediaMarketing Beat:  Here's a video full of Facebook B2B marketing tactics and strategies I recorded with +Michael J Procopio  my colleague and co-Instructor for a course on #SocialMedia  Marketing Power -- see:
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Scott Frangos

Content Marketing  - 
RE: Special BuddyPass Savings in March in my online course...

To celebrate the addition of our new course book we have an excellent savings coupon code you may post and forward to buddys:

* PROMO CODE:  *BuddyPass-Save-March*
* Course link:  ​
* Price after using code: $12 (includes $9.59 ebook on WordPress Marketing)!
        Offer ends at end of March.
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#Analytics Beat:  How do you get to the why?  Google Analytics is mostly about answering WHAT your visitors did -- they bounced; they converted; etc.  But WHY did they do that?  You can delve pretty deep toward an answer and spend a lot of time fussing about how extreme your targeting may be and the psychology of persuasion you deploy.  But surely there's a more efficient way?  The article below provides some suggestions, though I think the real answer to the WHY of onsite behavior goes way beyond analytics.  You need to look at smart heatmaps (Crazy Egg comes to mind) and what I would call "focus group" methods where -- gasp -- you actually pull your head out of the numbers and ask a group of folks why they did something.
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*Great Casino Resort in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica takes shape*... here is some RAW footage - take a look at that beach:  (you can still buy a Condo at the resort -- )  Croc's Casino Resort is one of our clients -- a fun one not only for it's tropical location and atmosphere, but also because of the unique WordPress development features/challenges -- bilingual platform, property management admin., and large visual design with strking photography.   #costaricavacations   #costaricarealestate  
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* #marketingonline   Beat:*  Here's a savvy realtor that stuck with blogging, social media and videos at YouTube and is now reaping the rewards of this #contentmarketing  strategy.
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This is one of our #healthcare  clients who have some great revenue cycle solutions for #hospitals.   I am pleased to see how this can help with the national drive toward pricing transparency.
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Got some Content Marketing tips, traps, techniques on your mind?  Come and discuss it with us...
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Scott Frangos

Discussion  - 
REMOVED POSTS:  Hi all... just a quick reminder.  If someone comes to our "Community" and posts a series of posts but does not comment and -- well... you know, be social with the rest of us -- then what I do is remove most of those posts and comment on one and se if they will join us in a discussion.  If they don't, and continue to "Robo-post" (that's not a good Social tactic in the long run), then they are removed permanently.  

Looking forward to more good discussions.
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President, WebDirexion LLC
  • WebDirexion LLC
    President, 2012 - present
    Web Development & Site Optimization, 2002 - 2012
  • BCTI
    Instructor WebMaster, 2002 - 2004
Basic Information
Content Marketing Strategist, Optimizer, Developer & President of WebDirexion LLC
Topics Covered: Here and on our blog at, I focus on:
  • #ContentMarketing: What is "Content Marketing"?  What are the best tactics and strategies to use?  Is Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing the New PR?  I'll answer these questions and more with your thoughtful input on same.
  • #WordPress Development: I spent six years in the 2000's primary as a WordPress developer, and we build all our custom client sites on that platform, so I will keep you informed on plugins, themes, and specifically ways to best use WordPress for Content Marketing. 
  • #SocialMediaMarketing: What's the latest on rapidly evolving tools and ways to use them in the trenches?  I'll tell you.
  • #Google+ and #GooglePlusTips for B2B Marketing: As Google become Google+ (remember when it was just a search engine?) I will keep you posted about tips, tricks and tactics for marketers on this fast growing network.
  • Content Strategy with #GoogleAnalytics, Audits and A/B Testing:  Lumped these together because they all contribute to a better understanding of how to use Content to connect with the right people.
Content Marketing Power Community: We're a group of new school thinkers who ponder disruptive marketing tactics even as we harken back to old school principles in play. 

COMP Instructor:  I am an online instructor for COMP --  Enjoy 25% OFF on my course on WordPress Content Marketing Power (thru end of year), just for attending to this profile by using code Gplus-Profilers-25OFF... here

Services at my company, WebDirexion LLC:
  • Content Marketing Services.  Smart article writing, case studies, and press release creation.. see our overview here.
  • Website Content Marketing Audits:  Which content performs well?  Why?  What can you do about under performing content?  We can help...
  • SEO Campaigns:  local, on-site, off-site... these solutions are merging with Social Media and Public Relations work.
  • Custom WordPress Development - We implement and optimize WordPress CMS solutions for your web presence.
  • Landing Page Optimization  -  Get more leads from your Landing pages.  Our "Visitor Behavior Optimization" to the power of 3, will optimize how visitors complete desired business goals (leads, white paper downloads, etc.) at your sites. 
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns -- all the search engines have added "social signals" to the list of ranking factors... what's your strategy?  Learn more here >>
It's one thing to get a great site up, and another to work on getting more visitors to complete a desired business outcome goal like filling out lead forms, downloading whitepapers, and signing up for you newsletter.

Oh...  I also enjoy Pizza, Tai Chi, Coffee, Digital Photography, and my dogs, "Spirit" and "Steggman"... not necessarily in that order

Contact Me for a Project Quote at

Past:  I've enjoyed a great career in advertising, marketing, publishing and College Level Instruction for Photoshop, Publishing, and WebMaster skills including CSS and HTML.  
  • HootSuite University
    Social Media Marketing, 2010 - present
  • IMU - Inbound Marketing University
    Inbound Marketing, 2010 - 2010
  • University of Portland
    Business, Communications, 1976 - 1980
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This office is on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center in Portland, and one block west of the scenic waterfront park. Not only is the location excellent, but I found the facilities to be tastefully appointed, with all you could want in an office suite service.
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