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Brewing Fine Craft Ales and Lagers in Small Batches
Brewing Fine Craft Ales and Lagers in Small Batches

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It's almost the weekend! Have you had your McAlister's fix for the week yet? If not (or if you can't wait until next week for another one), come by and see us today! Our new Basil Chicken Parmesan griller is worth a stop! Grilled chicken tossed in our tangy basil pesto, then grilled on focaccia bread with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese! Give it a try, we know you'll enjoy!

- Brought to you by your friends at the Deane Hill/Morrell Rd location!

Gotta love that moment when you realize you didn't order one of the key ingredients for your brewing session... Our Black IPA (Bone Bruise) just became a caucasian....

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RT @brookston: Sh!t Beer Geeks Say ( I might have said one or ten of these....

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Daniel's Wedding Beers

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Can I get this on a business card?

Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping this message finds you all happy and fat!

"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" - Stephen Wright

Brewing the Red Rye for our friend Daniel Alexander's wedding!  So far, it's smelling great, although it's not looking terribly red in color... Perhaps once the mash sits for a few?

Anyways, 2 row Pale, Wheat, Rye, Special B, and melanoiden balanced with Citra and Warrior hops.  This should be a good one...

Well, last night we finally tapped the keg of Pinkasaurus Rex, batch 1. I am proud to say that our experiment in a watermelon saison was a success! Great balance of fruit and spice - eminently drinkable!
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