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In our pursuit of Jesus Christ My family and I spent years involved in traditional, institutional forms of church in the western world, pursuing things others told us were the good or right things of a Christian life. As time went on, we recognized that…

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Today, I'm a featured blog author on Michael Young's blog, All Things In Christ, in Part IV of a series he's sharing based on our identity in Christ Jesus.

Michael Young has started a new blog series: Your Actual Identity. Check it out!

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New blog post up this morning. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Concerning his letter to the Colossian Church...."Paul's goal was to strip away every distraction that was being held before their eyes and leave them with nothing but Christ. He dared to displace all rules, regulations, laws, and everything else that religion offers, with a person-the Lord Jesus Himself. So, he reasoned, if the Colossians could just get a glimpse of the glories of Christ, He would be enough." - Jesus Manifesto, pg 26, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola.

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Just posted a new blog post: A New Vantage Point. Thoughts on rest and how we view our days.

Good first outing. 4miles, avg speed 10.5/mi, 25 crunches, 10 pushups. Gotta start somewhere. #makingchanges

Also liking the app #iSocialize. Has feeds for G+, FB, and Twitter separate, but all in one app. Eliminates the need for 3 separate apps.

#iPhone app recommendation if you didn't see it earlier: #iStatus+ allows you to post to G+, FB, & Twitter simultaneously. Check it out.

The test worked. I now recommend #iStatus for iPhone. It lets you tweet, G+, and FB, all from one screen. Great job on this app!
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