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So want to use this to make a K9 remote controlled robot. 

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The Endgame, Star Trek Attack Wing Solo Mission
Today I played through the Voyager solo mission "Endgame". In this Solo player mission the federation player gets 75 points, they may only have one ship, and that ship must be Voyager. The Borg gets 3 cubes and a sphere. This mission is played on an 4 by 3 ...

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Pokemon Project
So I been working on a nonofficial, for fun, Pokemon miniature game in my spare time.  I came up with the basic rules but I still need to develop cards and the rest of the game components. The game rules themselves are basic and I would hope strait forward....

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Objectifying Flames of War Contest
I love seeing
creative objectives, and I love when players really put the extra effort
in their objectives, so I decided to help cultivate this practice by having a
contest! Create a creative objective;
the more creative and well executed  objective (In my ...

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How to use Artillery to get the girl and make friends.
This past year has been a blur, and I am sorry to say I have been incredibly lax on updating my blog. Over the past two weeks I been in some great Flames of War tournaments and I thought I could ease back into blogging with talking about these events and my...

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A war to end all wars
This week has brought me a lot of new toys to work on. I got both my WWI Great War armies and the beginnings of a US Half Track lists with some impressive tanks to back them up. The only question was were to begin! As it is with getting too many projects al...

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Since the Move.
Sorry I haven't posted lately. I been sorting out life in New Zealand and well I let it distract me from my blog for too long. Come Mid-Late July I will have been in NZ for a year! And I thought I showcase what I have painted since I moved over, I do not ha...
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