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I love those kind of days where nothing is going right but you are still loving life. God blesses me with those kind of days all of the time!

Mariya Dimov

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Man: God! my life is a mess.. I don't have anything!
I want your will be done to me.

God: Okay.. Do you have a wallet?
Man: Yeah.. there's 4 dollars in it
God: I'll take it..
Man: Fine.
God: Do you have a business?
Man: Yea-ah. about to go bunkrupt.
God: Good, I'll take it..
Man: uhmm.. Great..
God: Do you have a car?
Man: uh.. Yeah..
God: Sure, I'll take it.
Man: oookay..
God: Do you have a family?
Man: I supposed you want them too?
God: YES..
Man: Fine! Wait a minute, I give everything
to you except my current shirt..
God: I'll take it.
Man: FINE!

God: Man, I have a wallet, a business, a car
and a family..
Man: I am REALLY happy for you GOD..

God: Take care them for me...
Remember.. They are mine.. they are my everything..

Man: (silenced)

^_^ appreciate what you have..
Have them in circles
52 people
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