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A Convenient Truth: Introduction
After a long hiatus, I am finally back to writing! I was struggling to brainstorm a new future political timeline, so I used a familiar writing style and applied it to some real alternate history: get ready to see some of the twists and turns of the Gore ad...

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True Patriots: The Road to Iowa
Every election season, candidates seek to make an impression in Iowa, which has the distinction of being able to host the first caucus in the presidential primary season. Iowa can put an underdog in the spotlight and give a reality check to the establishmen...

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True Patriots: And So It Begins
The dog days of summer are generally a time of relaxation, but not when Iowa stands like a looming specter, only 5 months away. The dynamics of the race were already shaken once Clinton declined to run, and many Democrats were hoping to see another uniting ...

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Radioactive: Setting the Field
OCTOBER 15, 2015 In a joint announcement today, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) both affirmed that they would not be seeking the Republican nomination for President. There was significant discussion on whether...

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Radioactive: Presidential Kick Off
SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 It is an understatement to say that many members of the Democratic Party were disappointed when Hillary Clinton was posed with a critical health issue earlier this year and stated that she would decline running simply because she could not...

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Radioactive: Prolouge
Atoms have a 50% chance of decay within one of its half lives. As these half lives become more and more frequent, the atom stands less and less of a chance to remain cohesive. This natural pattern follows exponential decay, so one might expect all else to. ...

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The Budget on the Agenda at the Colorado State Capitol
The murals inside of the Colorado State Capitol which pay tribute to the workers who have built the state Over the course of this week, I have been shadowing a lobbyist who lobbies the Colorado State Legislature for a number of clients. For a time, I have b...

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A Convenient Truth: 2004
On August 22, 2001, Americans woke up expecting another normal day. What they recieved was anything but. At 9:15 AM eastern time, a commercial airliner crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers that towered over the New York City skyline. People acr...

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A Convenient Truth: 2000
This is the first of a short series I will be doing, surrounding a point of departure in the form of a Gore selecting Governor Shaheen as his running mate and therefore a Gore victory in 2000. -------------------- The election between Democratic nominee Vic...

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True Patriots: Changing the Gameplan
- CHANGING THE GAMEPLAN - The Senate now stood at 49-49-2, 51-49 if caucusing independents are included, and the House at 229-206. It was unclear if, come January, the 114th Congress would become even more deadlocked than the last one due to how both houses...
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