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Todd Suomela
Lamenter of small text boxes. Peripatetic intellectual. Communication and Information Science Post-Doc at University of Alberta
Lamenter of small text boxes. Peripatetic intellectual. Communication and Information Science Post-Doc at University of Alberta

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Hilarious epithets from the most interesting writer in the world.
The most interesting man in the world TMIMITW … riffs on the Nielsen-Hayden blog about TMIMITW's career as a novelist.  Hilarious!

Oh, some of the suggestions down in comments are just as good.  I liked these:
Inside of a dog, you can still read his books.
His books are never filmed because not even 3D has enough dimensions to contain his characters.
He won a Hugo and a Nebula just for talking about one of his dreams.
House style guides are rewritten to conform to his drafts.
His plot twists are never expected, even when read more than once.
His sex scenes are so hot that nobody has ever managed to finish reading one in one session.
His dangling modifiers spontaneously generate new nouns to attach to.
He once wrote a novel whose protagonist was a better writer than him… and included quotations proving it.

Here are some of my own!

His palindromes work vertically.  And in other dimensions.
Her works in Second Person are obeyed by readers. 
He avoids future tense because it always comes true.

Time travelers arrange for him to be their grandfather.
The identical twin he sent at 0.999c to Sirius returned older, wiser and more interesting than any of us.
She talked Skynet out of going there and doing that.   
Many states have enacted exemptions to incest laws, in case he is ever female-cloned and wants to do a "heinlein."
The Singularity met with her for an hour, came out and declared itself redundant.

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Been years since I saw this.  Good times, you bet.

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Music parody video, plus space exploration and NASA.  You cannot go wrong!

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Manning the @utksis booth at the annual ASIST 2012 meeting in Baltimore. 

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For your space voyaging pleasure.

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Need to ponder more on the rhetorical relationship between abstract concepts, such as big government, an specific programs. There must be a sociopsycho theory out there to explain this. 
(Sun08) How "government" became a bad word.

More on Politics:

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Yet another example of how derivative/participatory culture often produces something that is more interesting than the "original".

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I wrote a story for my high school newspaper about Supernova 1987A. Now they're sending pictures of the area back from space!
Here's an image of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope's close encounter with the tarantula! The Tarantula Nebula is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, one of our neighboring galaxies only 170,000 light-years away from Earth.

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Another triumph for citizen science. Amazing what public data sharing can lead to. 
Woah! An amateur archaeologist may have discovered the locations of some of Egypt's lost pyramids … using Google Earth.
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