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I've received SS disability payments for nearly 20 years. I also receive alimony (because I became disabled while we were married) which my ex wants to drop upon his retirement in early 2017. This is through Mass., which passed alimony reform law a couple of years ago; it appears my ongoing disability will protect me. -- still looking for attorney to confirm as my divorce attorney retired.

All that may or may not be relevant but wanted to provide a little background. Born in December 1954, I turn 62 shortly. I know my full retirement age is 66, in 2019.

I've been unable to get an answer as to when my disability benefits end, and when I might start collecting SS retirement benefits. Will this occur when I turn 66 unless I need or want the funds sooner ? (Which, if the benefit amounts are the same, which I was told years ago they will be, I have no reason to take before 66.) Do I still file the way I would if not receiving disability income, that is, at least 3 months before my 66th birthday in 2019?

I know I missed out on taking 50% of former husband's SS by a year: The recent change in law that would have allowed me to suspend until age 70, and have my own benefit grow by significant % til then leaves me out. I might not have been able to do that anyway, as I believe my own benefit is about $200 more than half of my ex's (he's most likely going to hit cap around $2700/month and he's planning to start drawing as soon as he retires next Feb.)

FYI, there are no children from the marriage. My heirs are siblings and mother if I proceed her in death. Due to being permanently disabled (though not dependent), I was added to my parents' living revocable trust a few years ago when we learned that was possible.

My mom was widowed 3 years ago this next February and we now live together in a house purchased in her name, which is in the trust. I'm her primary caregiver though we pay out of pocket for an in-home aide due to my limitations; I've just started the Medicaid application process as her health is deteriorating more rapidly now...she had a stroke 2 years ago Christmas and will be 86 next March.

Can you provide any guidance on my situation, please?

Thanks so much. Karen B
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Sheyna Steiner

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Thanks for the invitation! :)
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My car was not starting so I went to this place. They said I needed a new battery though I did not. They charged a ton for the unnecessary battery and remarked as I left that the starter was going. So after 2 hours waiting to get my car fixed I don't understand why it wasn't fixed. The very next week I found myself stranded in a parking lot and my car not starting with the same exact problem. I would never trust these people again.
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I've been here three times -- hopefully I never have to go back :) As terrible as going to the emergency vet is, everyone here is very nice, attentive and they get the job done. I'm happy with the standard of care my dogs received.
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