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tuProlog is a light-weight Prolog system for distributed applications and infrastructures
tuProlog is a light-weight Prolog system for distributed applications and infrastructures


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Great news! These are some screenshots of the future tuProlog on iOS, fully supporting iOS 9! Stay tuned!
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tuProlog 2.9.1 has been released! 
This is mainly a maintenance release, incorporating several bugfixes. As already announced, tuProlog 2.9 is the last stable release supporting Java 7 (tuProlog 3 will commit to Java 8), so we will continue supporting this release for some time. Enjoy!

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Hello everybody, we are pleased to announce that tuProlog 2.9.0 has been released! 
This release is intended to be the last stable release supporting Java 7: so, priority has been given to bug fixing and stability. The next one,supporting lambdas in JavaLibrary, will commit to Java 8. 
News: several old-yet-annoying bugs affecting setof, bagof, functor and other predicates have been fixed; new features include a better input console, improved class loading in Java and Android versions, and the internal compliance with JSR 233 (Scripting Engine interface). Of course, an up-to-date version of the manual has also been posted. 
Binaries are available from, while sources and any support tools are on Enjoy! 

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Great news! Here are some screenshots from the future tuProlog with the enhanced JavaLibrary, fully supporting Java 8' lambdas! Stay tuned :)
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Hi everybody, things are going on in the background :) Forthcoming releases will include an enhanced Android GUI, supporting textual console input, and improvements in the console input in the standard GUI and in the Eclipse plugin.  Next, an improved implementation of bagof/setof will be included. 
Moreover, novel multi-paradigms application scenarios are being developed. 
Stay tuned :)

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Great news! The long-awaited tuProlog 2.8 is finally here! Featuring new keyboard support in Java and Android, several key bug fixes, and other improvements, the new version comes with a new, up-to-date version of the manual. Enjoy! Get it from

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Towards ubiquitous Prolog

As promised, the new tuProlog 2.7.2 is here!
The new version includes the new SpyFrame view, that provides a graphic debugger able to reproduce the solving process of the query step-by-step, while fixing a number of older bugs (as well as a more recent one in thread handling).
The manual has also been updated.
Further releases will follow shortly in the next months, following the code refactoring and bug fixing activities that we started recently, aimed at producing an even more robust and performing tuProlog.

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The new features of tuProlog 2.7.1
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