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Baltimore Bistros & Beer on Facebook
We're only three months away from 2016 so you know what that means! I'm 8 years behind the rest of the world in creating a Facebook page for my blog ! Oh well, what are you gonna do? I've got one now and I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know. ...

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What is a Grisette?
When I find a topic interesting there is a part of my brain
that turns on and drives me to consume every piece of information possible
about that subject. As a kid it wasn’t enough for me to know that Michael Jordan, my favorite athlete, once
had to wear a ...

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Asheville, NC and Aspiring to become Beer City, USA
In 2009 Charlie Papazian started the Beer City USA Poll , a popular vote allowing beer drinkers to express their collective voice via an html radio button on a webpage long since gone. The goal of the poll was basic, simply giving beer drinkers an easy way ...

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Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference 2015 and Inspiration for Tomorrow
I love beer. And I relish the peace writing brings to my life. So why have I had such a difficult time putting these two things together the past few months? In the early days of this blog I felt like I could write three posts a week on the subject and read...

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The Remington Chop
This past weekend I was invited to attend The Remington Chop . The event was held in Millers Court with the aim of bringing together chefs and brewers from around the neighborhood and allowing patrons to see what goes underneath the hood during the day to d...

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My Beer Mount Rushmore
You’re in your house at 7PM on Thursday night, ready to unwind after a long day of work.  Normally, you’d turn the TV on and get ready to watch the local team play, but on this night your only goal is a night of relaxing in your recliner, legs kicked up, an...

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Samos: Home to My Favorite Sandwich in Baltimore
Long before this blog was in existence you could find me perusing the internet looking for ideas of places to visit, hoping I could find a bite of food that might be considered a step above the usual. And on one such occasion I was fortunate enough to have ...

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Bald, Beerded, and Burrito'd Tour: First Stop La Tolteca
When you've maintained a food and beer blog a few years you
reach a point where you need a little excitement to keep you going. I've been
thinking long and hard about what I could do at Baltimore Bistros and Beer to
keep the ball rolling, and with the help ...

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My Role in The Beer Scene as a Beer Blogger
Earlier this week I discussed a bit about how my relationship with beer has been affected by blogging . Today, I'm going to take the topic a little bit further and focus on where I see my blog fitting within the greater world of beer. Baltimore Bistros & Be...

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Beer Blogging and My Relationship With Beer
Over the past few months when I haven't been blogging about beer, I have been thinking about blogging and beer. Specifically, I've been contemplating how the former affects my relationship with the latter. Is my relationship with beer better, worse, perhaps...
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