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Pan Galatic Legion Cards
These are my Cards from my Pan Galactic Legion Points are off as Most have additional Perks or Mods. Overall Cards  Infantry & Support  Command & Specialist  Vehicles (Tanks & Transports)

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Felid Empire
One of the first alien races I Purchased was the Felid, once I got
them I faced a deli ma.  I could not find any vehicles that felt right
to me & this became a pattern with my other alien forces.  I feel
that all Aliens should have a Style of Equipment &...

How big is you Drop Ship.  

"You came in that? You’re braver than I thought."
Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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A Drop ship that can get it done

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Armed Frieghter
I finally got around to painting my Micro Machine Action fleet Falcon.  Just wanted to share some Pics of it with some 15mm from Eurika for Scale.   I Plan to use it primarily for Terrain, but have also done up a Card Just for fun. Pics of the Infiltrator (...

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Here are the basic Stat Cards For Gruntz for my Rieks Guard.  I have Added a few Additional Rules Based on TO&E as well as personal taste.  Will Post A Force TO&E as well as pics of the entire Force Soon. Heavy Infantry Mechanoids or Cyborgs Vehicles & Supp...

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Sorry that It has been a while since I posted. I wanted to Ask the group for some Painting Advice for 1 of my Trans-Human forces which I would like to Paint in Yellow Power Armor. I will be using Vallejo Yellow Flou with some Highlights using Lemon Yellow & a Final Highlight of Ivory, an Initial Ink Wash of Sunshine Yellow Ink & With 2 Additional Ink wash Between High lights with a mix of Sunshine Yellow & Cannary Yellow Inks. When the Final Ivory Highlights are done I use Cannary Yellow Ink for the final wash. Unfortunately using the above technique for Yellow isVery Time Consuming as well as being Labor Intence & Looked Great Old Squads 28mm Marine Power Armor & Vehicles before They Grew Legs & walked out at a Con years ago. At least 15's will require less Highlighting than the 28's did. am looking for an easier Way to do Yellow uniforms. All Advice & Suggestions Apreciated. Thanks in Advanced.


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Over the last few years I have been working on a Sci-Fi Rules System
For Large Tactical Combat Operations in 15mm.

Once Finished they will be a set of Fast-Play, TO-Level " boots on the ground" War Game Rules. This set of Rules Provide the Followong Features .

A Unit -oriented "Fire-Team" level Tactical aproach to Sci-Fi War Gaming.

A D20-based System provding better "Chance Resolution" than standard D6 System.

A well-degined Three-Phase game-turn Structure.

A Simple Orders & Actions Mechanic.

A minimum ammount of Record-Keeping

A Unit Effectivess Rating (UAR) Based upon Training, Combat Experiemce, Motivation & Fatigue.

An Event-Triggered Morale System on the Units Effectiveness Rating (UAR)

A Unique "Interleaved" Activation System that alternates Movement & Unit Activity between Army Commands Within the Game Turn.

Unit Coherency that reflects the Battlefield Effectiveness of the unit.

A one score "Kill" Factor which recognizes the individual weapon & targets armor, yet does not require additional "penetration" or "save" Die Rolls for Direct fire weapons which do not have an Area of Effect.

In addition to thr above Features other development which I am still testing or am currently unable to discuss until a later date,

any Feedback is Appreciated.
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