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Why is My Truck Burning Oil?

This is a great question, and a common issue. You just got an Oil Change and BAM! A few days later your Check Oil light turns on. Upon checking your Oil Level you’re shocked, how did my Truck burn through so much Oil so quickly?

There are other signs you can look for when you suspect you are Burning Oil. One example is Blue Smoke coming from your Exhaust Pipe. Depending on how much smoke is expelling from your Exhaust indicates how much Oil your Truck is Burning. When this problem arises it means that your Vehicle’s Parts are becoming worn and that there is no longer a tight Seal somewhere in the Engine. When the Oil Leaks out of the Seal and drips onto your Hot Engine, that is where the Smoke is generated. Other reasons could include Worn Piston Rings, Leaking Valve Seals, and Worn PVC Valves.

So the next time your Vehicle is blowing out Blue Smoke, give Sound Truck & Auto Repair a call and Schedule an Appointment with our friendly office staff. Our experienced Automotive or Heavy Truck Technicians will ensure your Car or Truck is running in tip top shape!
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