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Rest in Peace, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Passed away at 20:15 on 05 December 2013.
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Less is more - I like this:
How do NFC enabled "social profile" promotional items work with Android or Windows Smartphones? Here's an example showing Facebook functionality. NFC Functionality Demo, Like us on Facebook via FB App

Tapping your NFC Enabled smartphone nearby activates the NFC tag, from here there is a choice between opening the APP directly or opening up the Fan Page via the Mobile Web. (In the case where someone has not installed the App).

If the FB App is installed- NFC is a great way to open up the Facebook App directly and then tap "Like us on Facebook". In this video we show off the functionality that has created to enable a choice to visit the Mobile Web or to open the App directly.

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Check your local chamber directory to find local businesses  - shop  Mom and Pop!
We support #shopsmall   every week but this November 30th, Remember to #shoplocal   and support your local small business on #smallbizsat  - It is a big deal and an important day for Small and Local Business all over, and it really does help your local community.

FIND Local Shops at your local Chamber of Commerce: -and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks such as here on Google+, or on Foursquare -  to see their special offers and deals and ask questions!
Have her in circles
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Moved on from professional printed circuit design to full time artist and cat slave
Putting much effort into disseminating the lost tallent of common sense.
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