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interesting way to fabricate 3D nanostructures, yet the Ga atom implantation may change the physical and electrical properties of the matrix.  Helium ion microscope has a better performance in this regards
سلام بابک جان، لطفاً آدرس ایمیلت رو برای من بفرست
Hi Babak,

I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your team at Project Glass to the first Internet of Things meetup in San Francisco at Founders Den on 2/20 from 7:30pm-9pm.  

Jason Johnson, founder of the Internet of Things Consortium and Kevin Ashton from Belkin and originator of the term Internet of Things will be speaking. We hope to have a fun and interesting evening networking and discussing the next frontier of connected devices.

We're expecting about 100 guests including many UX designers, IoT startups, and developers attending. Here is a link to the event:

Luis Galvez
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