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I spent a bit of time not far from this square some time ago. It was really inspiring. The French science history is pretty awesome.
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Hey, Michael Hickins from the WSJ. Wondering how metadata gets added to the system. I have the same question about augmented reality, actually. Any thoughts?
What about people using glasses, not contacts? Contact lenses don't solve all problems that glasses can (as simple as sunglasses blocking out excessive sunlight) and corrective eye surgery is not always an option, either by being too risky for the patient or not being cheap or simply because people like wearing glasses. So, you know. Glasses on top of glasses are really awkward, thank God that when 3D movies start the room goes dark and we don't move a lot. Any chance of implementing it to prescription glasses? Can I expect some sort of Google Prescription Lenses option?
How can I become a beta tester for Project Glass? I am very interested in the product and would like to be a part of the community of testers when the time comes. (I figure the worse thing you could say would be "no", so why not ask, right?)
Project Glass is the most amazing prototype I've ever seen...
Do you know an appoximate release date? I would like to test them! How can I become a "Beta Tester"?
Project glass is fantastic, but please remember many people use glass with lens, so you need think this peopleo will like get
I imagine you will have to create some technology for visual acuity due to the proximity to the eye. It might be wise to create technology that is variable for those who wear contacts or glasses. For example I have contacts that are mono-vision, one eye for near sighted one for far sighted. I probably would not be able to use your device unless you had an app where i could input the vision correction information from my prescription to adjust the visual acuity to my particular sight.
It would appear that the "Google Glass" page has reached its comment limit so I'll offer my comments here. I agree with +Juliano Pinho that the unit should be able to be clipped to an existing set of glasses. You should also allow diopter adjustment for the "Google Glass" projector to offset the optics of the glasses that the person is wearing. I would prefer that the unit interacts with an external device. Good luck and speedy development. I'll buy one!!
All you need to do now is make it low power enough to charge from user movement/be powered by the network and you have a game changing technology....
Even better - still time to ditch the daily charging!
Project glass seems to be a very futuristic usefull gadget. As a physician it could have some skins pictures database so the glass can recognize diferent and common injuries giving the probable diagnosis when it sees a diferent skin injurie. That could help.
Project glass really shouts out for an API to interface with al sorts of other devices - and a bluetooth (or similar) interface.

I can imagine using the glasses for a heads-up display (HUD) in an aeroplan, a car even a segway.

It also shouts out that the number of long-distance interfaces be limited - we need to focus on the ting that we're doing now to do it well - so limiting connectivity to nearby tasks may be they easiest way to achieve this
If you need any one to test the glasses in Australia (due to its unique climate, multitude of dangerous beasts) I am happy to help!

Hell I will even test it in those awkward situations like talking out loud to it on a crowded train or even during a funeral service. Or if you want a kidney you can have one those? maybe two? I have other organs too I am flexiable!!
Hey I'm a senior medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I'd like to know if any Physicians or healthcare workers have had a chance to try these out? The potential in terms of managing data flow seems tremendous (not just because a lot of the time you have your hands full with something)! What is the likelihood of an application that will allow the ability to interface with electronic medical records, which has been part of the iPad being proven in research studies to cut the time to coordinate and order treatment of patients by an hour a day?
Hi - the glasses... look at the itranslate app on iphone (am also sure there are many similar for android but I have an Iphone). Anyway, have always thought that the incorporation of a small microphone and speaker system tied in to a visual display that sits in front of the eye would provide audible and written real time translation for foreign languages when travelling. It's obviously reliant on a near real time data connection to the host language store but the store exists and the technology you have completes the circle (pardon the pun).
I've just joined Google+ and couldn't find any way to post a comment on the enhanced reality glasses' page, so i'll tell you my idea. NAACP has asked people to carry camera phones so we can record violence, especially by police. However, at demonstrations people holding camera phones are often the first attacked by the cops. So, instead of always having to reach up and click a switch on the top of the glasses (which could be concealed behind big-framed glasses) it would be safer to be able to take a photo or start a video recording remotely--say from a pocket switch.
Hi Babak,
I joined g+ after seeing the Project Glass piece. Noticed that your team was looking for feedback.
I have to admit, this project video brought a tear to my eyes, not for what it showed, but the potential it has. I am 33 years old and since I can remember as a child, have fought with visial impairment. I suffer from myopia and retinitis pigmentosa.
These glasses that your team is working on, has the potential to aid with viewing objects (zoon in/out), adding brightness/high contrast which at night or in dark situations would be amazing, the ability to scan text and have it read... I could go on all night.
I truly hope your team does look into this. I have been amazed by the iphone and ipad, but this would truly be a life changing piece of equipment for alot of people. The fact that it would be inconspicuous is also a bonus.

Thank you again for creating such an unbelievable product.
I’ve been thinking about applications for these glasses for years, just waiting for the hardware to show up! A billiards app that watches where the cue, cue ball and other balls are and simulates your shot before you take it…one for fishing that overlays a 3D image of the water depth so you can find the where the depth falls off rapidly…one for sailing (racing) that overlays the racecourse, lay lines, VMG, and whether or not you are going to cross ahead of another boat… and many more.Any chance a SDK will be released that you could use to develop prior to the real hardware? Maybe with a simulator that works with a phone with video camera and GPS?
+Jamie Dougall
, what the rest of the world really wants to know is "will you use the glasses to wrestle a crocodile"? Can the glasses be used to defend against funnel web spiders, angry king brown snakes and stingrays
This still seems farfetched to me so why not take it further
with some more "expand your life" features like:

-On screen captioning: The hearing impaired could use this.
Think - mic captures professor’s voice, captions scroll out. What if multiple people
are talking? I don't know lol. Maybe a two way text validation where live video
from the camera viewing the person talking attempts to lip read and that is anded to the processed voice or at least directionally target which person to caption.

--Ooo, could also capture voice from other languages, translate,
and it could either caption the translation, or if there's a speech program have it
talk the translation in your language. Whoever you're talking to doesn't have one of these and doesn't know your language? Say, "How do you say [word/phrase] in [language]" and it could tell you. Good luck repeating it though haha.

---Another play on translation, you could say
"Translate this," then something like the “take picture” brackets would come
up, and it could attempt to translate a text sign or short phrase that's within the

Maybe then I could take that trip to...nevermind. Too expensive to go anywhere.
I think I either REALLY love this concept, or had too much after dinner coffee. Maybe both. Oh well, this is awesome. I didn't read any of these ideas anywhere and the comments on google+ are either capped at 500 or I'm doing it wrong and couldn't ramble there. So would be awesome if someone from google read this runs with one of them! Yeah, I think it's time to put the mug down...
note: posted this on Engadget comments earlier but thought it'd be better suited here.
If google project glass can be design for medical field usage. i.e., displaying vital signs, streaming blood test while the Doctor is treating a critical patient. The potential for that future is limitless. (maybe include X-ray film too)
شما افتخار ما ایرانی ها هستید آقای پرویز.
امیدوارم در پروژه جدید گوگل موفق باشید.
""و البته امیدوارم که این پروژه دروغ آپریل گوگل نباشه!!!""
جمله ی آخرم فقط یک شوخی بود.
Great work with project glass. I wonder if you could use a gyroscope to overlay the route line in 3D on the field of view. Reading directions would be dangerous. Or for fun, track eye position and use google goggles to translate text you are looking at into default language (but speak it into headphones). Another fun idea... ccd chips are sensitive to infrared so put a nightvision mode like you have on digital cameras but overlay on screen (using that gyroscope again). Keep up the good work.
In general, I think you should avoid text on the screen (distracting and hard to read if you actually need glasses). Speak text to user. Stick icons and graphics on display. Eye track to select icon/real world object. Left wink = left mouse click, right wink = right mouse click, blink = do nothing (obviously or it will be carnage)
James B
Please stop, have mercy on those in big data :(((( great photo, great work, best of wishes :D

-Paintbrush for user-created AR that you can leave for friends in certain places
-Insane amounts of functionality for library science and academia
-Custom AR experiences for museums/etc
-Quantum movie theaters with different elements for different people
-Smart device interaction (smart fridge + glass = recipe database, inventory, etc; etc)
Hey Babak, This concept can be shared with ABC4All Mentors in 117 countries to date. We are going to all countries. Can ABC4All become a beta tester? Cordially,


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist (retired), Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief

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We all want to be on this.. are you kidding me..
Hi, firstly let me say that if you need testers, I am very keen.

Great, now that's out of the way I can give you some first impressions that I have had.

Firstly, I think that you need to develop a means of controlling this without using your voice: an app perhaps for smartphones and also possibly a small remote control that can be used for those of us who see this as a replacement for their smartphone, assuming it can take calls, texts and emails. I think that this feature would be important for when you are in a quiet place and don't want to disturb people, or for people to know what you are doing. Also, I think everybody has sent texts that are for the recipient's eyes only, and I don't think people will like the idea of reading their message out for all to hear.

Also, I suggest that adverts are kept to a minimum if they have to be included at all. You do not want to be walking down the street and an advert to pop up right in your view, it is only instinct to react in shock which will not only make you look ridiculous, but could possibly be incredibly dangerous. They are also unbelievably irritating and take away from the premium feel of the product, as if it is the 'Lite' version, as with apps.

I think that there is possibly a large market for media on this device. If you could sit on a bus or in a car etc. watching a film on your glasses, then that would be really cool.

Although this isn't necessary, it might be good if you could detach a part of the device from the main body and clip it onto a pair of normal prescription glasses, or, whilst ordering, give Google your prescription and they will give you glasses with lenses to match, possibly an exclusive if you order direct, like Apple's engraving. I don't know if this is possible, but just an idea.

I like the look of the 'Google Goggles' app, and think it would be pretty awesome if there was a feature (which could be turned on/off) whereby as you walk around, information just pops up about where you are. You walk past a restaurant, and you are given a small message which tells you that you are going past 'X Restaurant. Indian Cuisine. Price point medium.' And then you could ask for 'more information' and it would fill more of your view with reviews and more. This could also be used if you are walking through a major city, it could be used like a guide, recognising where you are with maps, and recognising landmarks: 'X monument. Built in X year for X reason. More info?' it would show you what it was talking about, and possibly dictate as well as/instead of have it to read. I'm sure there are many more uses.

It must have an all-day battery. If it can last all day, and charge all night then this will be a major bonus and probably a must-have.

It could possibly have a sports feature for when you are cycling or running, with the route and directions, the speed you are travelling, the distance you have travelled and the weather forecast.

A small thing I thought that is probably insignificant but if there was permanently a small clock in the corner, and people asked you the time, you wouldn't have to even look away from them in order to answer. :p

The voice recognition must be very, and I mean VERY accurate. More accurate than Siri. More accurate than any current voice recognition software. This is hugely important. Also, a large part of the charm of Siri is that it understands what you're saying, rather than you having to use weird command phrases "do I need an umbrella" rather than "give me the weather forecast for London." for example. It makes it like you're (almost) talking to a person and this is very cool.

Unfortunately for you I have much more, but I will spare you. For now...

Text is not good. Ideally you only have icons and text is spoken via headphones. To select icons or real world objects track the eye position. Left wink = select, right wink = properties etc, blink = do nothing. Left wink followed by eye track until you open left eye would be like click and drag (to select real world text for google goggles translation or just to help with reading)
Next thing you know .. we are going to have social issues with the blinkers..
I would love to test it.
I think that a glove containing a laser diode or speed imagery camera (mouse style) would be a valuable accessory as it would simplify the controls.
It should link with Android for texts and you should be able to use it like a handsfree. Video Camera? Could you play movies like the Vusix 360 glasses or whatever their called. PM me if you like them.
My 8 yr old daughter had this request- "I want to set an appointment for not this saturday but the next saturday at Chickadee school". Would the software be smart enough to know the now and the 2 saturdays down the line ?
Hey Babak, great work you guys are doing... are you doing video recognition yet?
Hi Babak..first of all as a fellow Persian I'm so proud f you and wish you all the best in this project... I would love to test this.. Im trainee pilot and live in the UK....
سلام بابک خوبی؟
چه خوب که یه ایرانی توی این پروژه هست و من میتونم ازش کمک بگیرم،
امکانش هست یه مقدار درمورد این پروزه برای من توضیح بدی؟
راستش من زیاد متوجه نشدم جریان چیه؟
Babak, chetori, khaste nabashi.
we are all excited and awaiting.. meanwhile, I am going to read the juicy information contributed herein and see if I can contribute as well.
We, in southern calif, orange county and also in naples italy are very excite and would like to say godspeed..
Salam, Mr. Parviz,
I'm Amir Najafi, junior Electrical engineering major at University of Houston, Love the project, I know it will work for sure, I don't have that much information about this project yet, but here's what come to my mind by just looking at the device , the disign look good for an alpha, could be worked on a little bit more, we can even make it more customizable, but that seems not to be the prime issue. As far as functionality as a user I would expect the glass to calibrate with my eye movement, and also go away when I'm not using it, because it can be annoying.Also Battery life seems to be another issue for every high-tech device, hope that gets worked on for this device . I saw this on futurama long time ago, and I have always been wondering about it, I have many ideas and wrriten down some of them, I have 3 other friends who are all junior electrical engineering majors, we would love to help you! we always sit together and come up with crazy disigns and Ideas some of which we can present to you. let me know if we could help you with anything.
Dear Mr. Parviz,
First, congratulations! I say it with a pinch of envy as I was very much hoping I would be a part of a project in the same direction, at least on the level of ideas and visions.
In fact, I wanted to comment on the page of Project Glass but for some reason I cannot leave a comment there. So, please, forgive my intrusion!
I am a professor of literature and do not possess the required technical knowledge to develop such project myself. Nonetheless, I felt somewhat embittered when I heard and saw evidences of your project as I've been thinking such invention is my last chance to solve my financial difficulties. Anyway, it is obvious that I have delayed a lot when like three weeks ago I noticed that the ears are all too busy publicly and people isolate themselves from the rest by filling them with calls or music, whereas eyes are strangely split in duties having to do with the environment or alternatively with screens but in a separate way. So the idea to integrate through glasses environment and screen is the common point. Still, my prolongation goes in a very different direction from this point on and I would like to share it with you as it will be good if you manage to integrate it in the future development of your Project Glass. I could not guess whether you would like the idea but I want to be sure that you are ready to hear it. Its educational and cultural potential is great, I am absolutely sure about it, and I really believe it deserves to be developed so let us talk. I know i sound a bit mad in a conspiracy manner but I just want to be sure that someone is interested and ready to listen.
Dimitar Kambourov
hey um like my name is tristan crowson and i was wondering if u could get me a pair google glasses to test out. I'd like to test it out because they look like the future in a sense. I'm just wondering if u could get me a pair so i could test them out and if i had to write reviews about them i could do that. i would like to be part of this project. I'v been following this projects since the first public announcement. Please could u do this for me. here's my email:
salam babak jan aqa ru sefidemun kardi.

piruz bashi irani
It will be nice if the glass is made of titanium because it is the only metal that will not cause contact dermatitis in people who are allergy to metals such as stainless steel.

Also, it will be nice if there is some alternative control to the glass (such as smartphone) apart from voice control because similar system such as siri often fails to respond correctly.

Also, I'm pretty concern about the health impact of the radio/bluetooth/wifi signal emitted/received by the glass. I think that it will be cause a even bigger concern than mobile phone since the glass will be wore by a long time or even a day.

It will also be nice if the glass can include some build-in function for inputting different kinds of procedures through other devices, displaying and indicating the current procedure, and rolling down to the next procedure on demand. I think that this glass will be very useful for professionals like surgeons, laboratory researchers and aviation pilots which precise execution of a long list of procedures is required. This can help to reduce a lot of errors, saving a lot of lives.
This looks like another picture taken with Glass.Camera in photo details is blank.
nice. like has anyone heard about a realse date for them? or like is there any way to like sign up and get a trial pair to test for them?
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