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so since I get a ton of questions about this, it's best to do a quick post.
after founding, building, and running the Google Glass team for nearly 40 months, I stepped down this year. It was an amazing ride and it gave me the opportunity to work with some really wonderful people. Together, we made a radically new piece of technology real and possibly started a new platform in computing and communication!

I am super excited about our other ongoing projects and the new ones we are about to start! :)
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Can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you for coming to USC and taking a photo with us - your talk was fantastic. 
Looking forward to hearing about what you're working on next.
Thank you for this incredible contribution to technology and life in general. Good job!
Can't wait to hear more about your next work.
Thanks for your kind words on my indie hacks on SLAM at Augmented World Expo.

After some time building gyroFIRE and StatusBeta this summer, I have also decided to move on from Glass app development to more exciting things.  
Thank you for your awesome innovations and contributions to mankind

+Babak Parviz I wanted to know when you left the project of contact lens at Microsoft and when you built the new project at Google X Lab ?
I stumbled on this post when I was looking into the history of Google Glass. This coincides precisely with when things started going wrong. You might consider checking in with your old team, and setting them back on track.
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