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Hi, I'd like the glasses being "just a sensors collection , a battery and a Virtual Retina Display. (sound, image,gyroscopes,accelerators,gps) able to collect and transmit real time their informations with short range low energy UWB transmission standards to a wearable something which will do in turn the wlan transmission (4G LTE) far away from the Brain, and a virtual screen Retina Virtual Display , no computation in the glasses, just collect & transmit data , receive and beam the answers accurately on the visual Field through VRD. All computation stuff to be done in the cloud. Google assitant in the cloud will compute the datas received to transform them in computer understandable requests (if needed when needed), then provide the answers and the way it will be displayed (beamed onto the retina) through the Glasses's laser source.
Although the idea is not new, I believe Google is poised to bring together the necessary building blocks and eco-system to make a compelling use case and a successful product. I think the video demonstrates some pretty good use cases and there are many others that will come along naturally when the product is released. More importantly though, the intrinsic "display performance" is key to making this a success in my opinion. The field of view, focal distance, eye relief, and transmission ratio (see-through ratio) of the display are important considerations I think. I would be interested in seeing more info on these aspects.
...I forgot to mention probably the most important parameter: brightness!
Have you considered bone-conducting headphones to keep wearers more situationally aware?
Hello, my area of responsibility is within Aftermarket Technology at Volvo Group. We are interested of starting a pilot project where we are aiming to investigate how we can use Google Glass technology to deliver Service Information. Who at Google may be interested of helping us at Volvo by participating in project?
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dating plugin: showing 5 tag words on every person you see (if they allow that option ofcourse), it helps me see the world better and not only look at appearances
Is it possible to put lens on the google glasses?
Also, why wont you create glasses that shows us, for example, a beach while we're in the middle of the desert or that with the vision we can play a game
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This option of 'Is Paul just here' in the video sequence made me think of a situation. Lets say i land in a country for a vacation, the momment i land, i can get to see all friends/family circle folks on screen who are in the same location and probably call them if required to catch up! Also lets say i take a tour option in that country, it picks it up automatically when i land in that location from my mailbox (Say a Viator tour voucher) and displays the timings of start of the trip and the route to the starting point through google maps from the hotel where i stay with traffic updates and shortest possible route with time taken to reach destination based on traffic levels. How cool is this?
Gyro. It needs a gyro. That will detect head movement faster then image recognition. Retina detection should be planned for future models. An IR camera could allow special signs or signals to start a video/app while walking around the city (or any other place). Also, using hand gesture recognition could really open avenues for possible apps. Obviously, this will need to be an open API on the app store because the app ideas are endless.
still waiting to find out when i can assist with beta testing
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