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Really liked the Indoor Cloud. Model S is awesome!
Good Job! Always on the top list.
+Babak Parviz I have a question I hope you are able to answer with regards to Google Glass: Will this be designed so that it can be added to regular corrective lenses? There are many of us who for numerous reasons can not wear contacts, nor can we get corrective laser surgery. So unless this can be added to regular eyeglass frames it will not be of any use to a lot of people.
Babak, will there be any more opportunities to get my hands on a dev model of the glass? I'm an SF anarchist squatter and android developer designing protocols for the free extranet, and I'd like to port my browser onto it. I doubt I'll have the budget to outright buy a pair until net summer, and that makes me sad.
p.s. wtf ingress? I hope that version goes nowhere near the glass.
best -AnB
Not sure how often you monitor your G+ replies but after reading several articles today, I ran across your name as the leader of the Project Glass team.  I have some truly innovative ideas and industries your team should take a serious look at.  Please reach out to me if you'd like to talk Babak.  Thank you.
Congratulations for this innovative product. Do you think the product could be used as protective glasses in industrial environment? Or do you have any plans for this area of use?
I want to write an app for Glass that uses the camera and microphone to read lips(if that's possible) and listen for voices in the environment that augments conversations with a sort of "closed captions" for hard of hearing people such as myself.
Here is a very simple idea that can make a real difference in the seasonal flu epidemic and more generally about the spread of infectious disease.

It is well known that the eyes, nose and mouth are where viruses infect a host. Touching these parts with your contaminated fingers is so casual that people do not realize it. For most people, having an external mean for training themselves is a must.

Please allocate resources to this project as early as possible in the Google Glass Project so that lives can be saved as soon as possible.

The idea can go much further like suggesting washing your hands based on the context (after touching a potentially contaminated object or person in a hospital, flu epidemic area, etc.). There should be a zealous mode whenever the most vulnerable people may be around (infants and elderly).

There should be also a voluntary program where people share data with Google to tune the system in various ways to make it as effective as possible.

Progress in the cure of infectious diseases is where most of the increased life expectancy in human history was gained. Now, we must work on human behaviours to progress even further. Technology allows simple ideas to spread globally and make a real difference.

I am not sure that I am sharing this idea at the right place so if anybody has a better place please tell me.
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