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This is a picture Mike took when we announced the Developer Explorer Edition for Glass. There was a lot of nail biting for me before this as the demo was unfolding but fortunately most things worked and people landed safely! It was really insane. Hoping to push Glass out as soon as we can. For the Developer version we will also release a Cloud Based API which would be pretty useful.
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excellent job Mr. Parviz
me and my friends always talk about project glass,but we didn't know it was an Iranian behind this...awesome
Great picture by the way.  I'm trying to reach Babak Parviv or some one at Project Glass.  I'm a small technology business owner in Dallas, TX. I'm looking to contact a member pf the project because I have done extensive work in Human-Device interaction, especially in the field of medical device technology and hands free computing.  I would very much like to give some input and share my findings with Project Glass.  How can I reach someone to get involved? Please contact me at
Cant believe this is an indoor shot taken by glass!
Yup, me thinks the same too - this thing's got huge potential.
I'm really glad to see a company taking a bold step and making something truly innovative. And there's a who class of people with special needs who could benefit from this sort of technology. We're anxious to get our hands on them in our lab to try out some ideas to help people with autism communicate better, etc.
I have been drooling over this kind of thing for so long now.  I would be very interested in purchasing these XD.  If anyone can help contact me at:
or better yet call me @ 920-973-4881
Brilliant demo and really looking forward to the project and a Cloud Based API. I'm GRID 378 :)
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