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Mark Mullen
Witty, clever, with just a touch of Daemonic.
Witty, clever, with just a touch of Daemonic.
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Don't you just hate it when you're simply trying to watch a funny video on the internet, and then some bigot comes along spouting off his opinions and ruining the fun? Well, I found one such bigot, and boy oh boy, he's a piece of work. This "Sad Man" is aptly named, as he apparently lives in a Country full of homophobic misogynists who proudly lynch dem queers and wimmins. (I can't screenie the conversation, It's too long, so I'll link the comment on the video.)

Our good old anti-vaxx crazy, Universal Mother, is at it again, claiming that she and the other "enlightened" individuals do not need health care, along with some good old slandering of the "Guv'ment".

" If you knew how bad the agenda was against Humans, and the atrocities committed, you would cry, or have a nervous breakdown. Did you know the elite kidnap children, drain their blood, and send them to meat plants which deliver the product to McDonald's, where the sheep consume McHuman meals? The few get a kick out of watching their livestock (enemy) eat their own children. And, this is one of their less gruesome practices. Yes, they have confessed this on the record. You just choose to be blind. You are already in Pandora's Box. "
" Healthcare is Bullshit. We don't have a GP. We haven't been to the doctor in years. We eat real food, not processed, drink distilled water, no vaccines, and plenty of activity. This applies to our whole family. No one ever gets sick. Healthcare is a cash cow. It doesn't heal."
"We don't suffer disease. We are immune to cancer. We regulate our cellular function through conscious manipulation. Something you know nothing about. We have the ability to go days without food. The healthcare system is bullshit. It is not designed to heal. It is designed to make money from the sick. 20 years ago, how many big pharma commercials did you see? You didn't. What was is not what is."

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Ooh, a new community, and better yet, one that seems as if it were made for the likes of me, a young adult who gifts the world with wit and clever cynicism (well, when I'm not slaughtering enemies, that is...). I think I'm going to enjoy this. Thanks for the invite, +Lillith Snake !

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To anyone who says that reptiles, especially snakes, are "creepy", "scary", or "evil" (pick your flavor of the phobia), I present you with this.
Poor little guy...

Oiy! It's our old racist buddy, Michael Walter again, proudly showing his ignorance of Ebola and, well, pretty much everything else.

Gather round, my fellow DCH members! The other day, the infamous Jurist posted a discussion prompt defending the child abuse of Adrian Peterson. This "man" is similar to the wild conspiratard we so often find, but this cretin takes the crazy to a new level. Listening to Jurist ramble on, you'd think that the media, the schools, the Government, and yes, even your own sex drive, are controlled by a combination of the "Liberal agenda", the "Gay agenda", or the "Darwinist agenda"; I shit you not, this guy blames the Liberals for our problems even more than Rush Limbaugh does.

Aside from his conspiracy idiocy, Jurist is locked in an endless cycle of circular logic, from which rational thought, rhetorical questions, and honest critique can't shake him from. I've tried debating and questioning him on his belief that homosexuals should be considered mentally ill, yet still beaten and victimized all the same, but my inquiries are simply shoved into his "you're manipulated by the evil Liberals to push the gay liberal agenda to make everyone gay liberals" bullshit.

To which I say, join with me, fellow heretics! Let us rise from the depths of hell, the sunken city of Ryloth, the miasma of the Warp, and the FSM's beer volcano, and put this cretin in his place.
Hail Hydra!

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Saudi dissident Raif Badawi, convicted of "insulting Islam," has had his appeal denied, and will soon have a brutal punishment inflicted upon him: 10 years in prison, separated from his wife and children; 1000 lashes, given in installments of 50 lashes every week, in public; a 10-year travel ban after his prison sentence; and a massive fine.

We need you to raise your voice: demand that Saudi Arabia free Raif, and respect the universally recognized human rights to freedom of expression and belief.

Go here for how to help and to get more information:

See CFI's Michael De Dora deliver a statement before the UN Human Rights Council today in this video:

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I need to keep tabs on these people; apparently, insanity can be dangerous.
As promised earlier, my Insanity circle.

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I found this gem while trolling the depths of the internet for puerile  idiocy.

"Everyone knows the 'Great Depression' was purposively created by the money trust to institute these communistic [welfare] programs. I don't love social security - exactly the opposite, I think it is sinful and theft - extreme wickedness... I consider Franklin Roosevelt as a Traitor with a capital T. He will go down in history with Benedict Arnold, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D Roosevelt as the three largest and most notorius."
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