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Google Developer Group for Northern Colorado, based in Fort Collins, Colorado
Google Developer Group for Northern Colorado, based in Fort Collins, Colorado

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This is another session for I/O about #Android on #ChromeOS. It was only released a couple of days ago, not sure what the delay was.

This one is mostly from the standpoint of end users rather than developers. It is clear they are trying to expand #Chromebooks and other devices beyond the Education market that the already dominate; including a big push into enterprises. Alarm bells are already ringing among the #Windows pundits.

ChromeOS devices now outsell #Apple #Macs.

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Big #ChromeOS  news today.
You may also want to view this Google I/O session:

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#Google delivering a cool new feature.
One seriously wonders why this isn't in all office suites.

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DevFest Colorado - Family fun! October 10, 2015 - in Boulder!

Our annual Google Developer Group DevFest event! It is a family themed event this year, brought to you by GDG Boulder, GDG Denver and GDG Northern Colorado.

We are inviting kids 8-14 to have fun with robots, programming and technology.

We are also inviting kids at heart that can act as mentors, coaches and volunteers.

We expect this event to sell out, so keep come back on Monday and grab a ticket.

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Ok, I've released the full development environment we used at the meetup for your own use:

(Also, I issued a pull request for the changes I made to 'remark' to support IE/Edge. Remark is the piece that does the slideshow.)

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I have made the presentation from the May 20th meeting available at:

To view it, use "git" to clone it and then open index.html in the browser of your choice (known to work in Chrome, so that's safest).

As requested by all attending, I've added solutions to each of the exercises. During the talk, I mistakenly said that the "Q" async package had "promisify" routines... that was incorrect, it is the "Bluebird" package that has those, and I've added a link to the bottom of the index.html page to the bluebird's location.

Thanks to everyone attending for all the feedback!

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Vote on the original post to make this awesome object d'art be instantiated into a t-shirt!

#gdg   #tshirt   #io2015   #nerdhumor  
As Google I/O quickly approaches we are hard at work getting everything ready for a great I/O Extended.

A few days before I/O for the past few years a huge gathering of GDG Organizers from all over the world takes places in Mountain View. Every year there is an awesome shirt design that wins. This year GDG Chicago is proud to be able to put up a shirt design.

If we win I'll have some of these shirts to give away to the people of GDG Chicago. So +1 this if you like free shirts! +1 this if you like the awesome design +Virginia Poltrack created! or just simple +1 this post!

The more +1's we get on this post the better off we are so please reshare and ask others to +1 this post as well.
#gdg   #io15   #shirt  

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Girl Develop It Fort Collins
Novice iOS/Android App Creation using Buzztouch
March 30th 6:30-8:30
(You need to do some advance work, so check the link below, well before.)

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Girl Develop It Fort Collins has a learning Ruby on Rails workshop on
Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

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Girl Develop It's Java Study Group is having an Android Studio install fest tonight!
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