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Genevieve Holmen
There will come a time, you'll see// with no more tears// love will not break your heart// but dismiss your fears.
There will come a time, you'll see// with no more tears// love will not break your heart// but dismiss your fears.

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Why being humanist means being a lover
Faith has served a purpose in my life. It provided resilience in the face of some of the gravest difficulties I'll ever face. It taught me to question, debate, and defend my ideas and dreams. It taught me the value of believing I am here for a purpose, that...

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After a long hiatus
The urge to write, so strong my fingers tap, eyelids flickering, as I try to sleep - it hasn't kept me awake for almost a year now. The creative fire burns brightest in my soul when the stress of life is overwhelming. When things go smoothly, I don't have t...

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Thoughts from the bedside after a long night shift
My mother has bad feet. This is because she rarely gets off them. And so I sit - to chart, to tie my children's shoes, to visit with a patient. I've learned that sitting - the actual sitting part is key - with a patient is often the most therapeutic interve...

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Letters to Aaron: Skeletons in the Closet
When you first led me by the hand back down the aisle on our wedding day, it was the beginning of a trust I couldn't break. Lord knows, I fought it sometimes. I didn't realize that our marriage certificate wasn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for all our past...

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Nine and already wise
She is honest, inquisitive, helpful, dependable, silly, true, untroubled, content. She is also nine. It goes by so fast. You blink, and your babies grow up. The day she was born, we slept all day, cocooned together in bed after 36 hours of grueling work, an...

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One last look at Christmas 2012
Ending 2012 with a collection of photos from our Christmas celebrations with family - including perhaps the biggest FAIL at a cousin photo since we started the tradition 4 years ago! Enjoy the photos and I'll see you in the NEW YEAR!

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Expectant loneliness
Depression coming storming through the door today and takes me off guard. It's been so, so long. I am tossed by it's waves and struggle to keep hold to the Father's hand as the tide grips me tight and pulls me away. I miss the women I just met, wish I had f...

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Next to me
You and me, baby, we're stuck like glue. We learned from the best: now married 40 years, held in better times and worse, through fat years and lean ones, in illness and health, pledged as long as they both shall live. And walking down the aisle at their bab...

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The long goodbye
Life hurts so much. Takes such a heavy tax from all of us before our bill comes due at the end. I've watched so many die - sinners and saints, spiritual and scientific, pragmatic and idealistic. My heart has been torn in two, and there have been other times...

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Please pray for my son Caleb
My 4 year old son Caleb had a really rough day yesterday. He had a serious head injury in the afternoon, running full tilt with his eyes closed into a large steel pole at a splash pad and knocking himself out. Later in the afternoon, he stepped on a very ol...
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