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Donna L. Serdula

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U r looking awsome my dear
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Donna L. Serdula

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Are you doing yourself justice?

Many people are still failing to recognize the importance of having a great profile pic on social networks. If you're using them for fun, that's one thing. But if you're hoping to do business online and attract new clients via social media, your profile image is a critical component of your social media marketing!

 - Are you using a picture of yourself?
 - Does the image adequately reflect your profession?
 - Are you using the same image on all networks?

These are just some of the questions you should consider. Check out the article below to make sure you're doing everything you can to establish your brand image online.

Aside from your profile image, what other ideas do you have for creating a professional personal brand image online?

Thanks for reading!

#Branding   #SocialMedia   #Business  
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Donna L. Serdula

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Today at 12:05 am EST, I will be on SiriusXM OutQ 108 with Tim Bennett and John Nash. Will we be discussing everything about LinkedIn!  

#LinkedIn questions wanted! 866-305-6887

I hope to hear from you all!    
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Donna L. Serdula

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Donna Serdula hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Janet Vasil
Become an Expert: Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn
Donna L. Serdula and 1 other participated
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Donna L. Serdula

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This Friday, I am interviewing Media Expertizing Coach,  Janet Vasil!

The title of the Webcast is +Become an Expert: Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn+.  

My question to you is... WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN? WHAT QUESTIONS SHOULD I ASK JANET?  Please reply in the comments!  :-)
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Donna L. Serdula

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I love their glasses!  I wonder how their haircuts are...
Warby Parker's cofounder is opening a chic barbershop in New York.
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Donna L. Serdula

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Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with Wall Street Journal journalist, Jonnelle Marte about LinkedIn Profiles for those who are out of work. Today, I found myself quoted in her article, LinkedIn profiles for the out of work: A guide to keeping profiles honest without sounding desperate.

She wrote a fantastic article that will help anyone reading it obtain an improved LinkedIn profile. Reading this awesome article, it got me thinking as to the advice I would give to job seekers. So here it is:

9 Easy Tips for Job Seekers to Optimize Their LinkedIn Profile Without Looking Desperate


Get a new profile picture. It should be a current picture of you looking professional, friendly, and well-adjusted. If you can’t afford a professionally taken photograph, have a friend take a picture of you where there is PLENTY OF LIGHT and a neutral background. Wear a professional suit or dress AND SMILE!

Is your headline your old job title and company? Time for a new one! Rather than making it just your title, you want to infuse your headline with your keywords so you can get found easier. You also want to add a simple benefit statement so people are compelled to read your profile. Download my LinkedIn Headline Generator and create a sexy LinkedIn Headline in under 5 minutes flat!
Get my LinkedIn Headline Generator!


LinkedIn is a database of professionals for professionals and Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Human Resource professionals are querying this database looking for talent. In order to be found, you need to determine what keywords people are using to find someone like you. You can’t be found for keywords that don’t exist on your LinkedIn profile.
Are you an Accountant? Make sure you also include words like Accounting, CPA, Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor, etc…

Are you an Account Manager? Make sure you include Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Strategic Accounts, Prospecting, etc…

If you need assistance finding your keywords, here are two options:

Locate a job description of your next logical position. Check to see what words are used to describe this position— those words are your keywords.
Visit LinkedIn Skills & Expertise page. This page will provide you with similar skills a person in your position should have to stay ahead of the curve.

Do NOT copy and paste your resume! Instead, write a narrative that tells your professional story. You want it to start out with your elevator pitch… basically that’s just a fancy way of describing what you do and the impact you make in a simple, short, 1 – 3 sentence statement. Talk about a key achievement and how it positively affected your company, the customer, your team, or the bottom line. Talk about why you love what you do. Tell the reader about your professional passions. Here are some questions you can answer: What is the future of your industry? What kind of results can a person expect working with you? What sets you apart from others? What is your career philosophy?
Your summary is where you tell your professional story in a manner that inspires and impresses. I know it’s not easy to write about yourself. If you are struggling, you can hire me to write this for you OR you can purchase one of my products that will walk you through it step by step.


Make sure you list your previous job experiences. Showcase your career trajectory. End your most recent position and add a new, current experience. The new experience will contain your desired job title and the company name will be: Looking to Impact a New Organization. In the description, you can mention the type of position you are interested in and the type of company where you’d like to work. Make sure to include your contact information so your reader can call you if interested.

When a recruiter or hiring manager looks at your profile, you want them to see glowing testimonials from your colleagues and employers. It’s one thing for you to state how wonderful you are but it’s so much more powerful to have other people saying it. How do you get recommendations? You ask for them AND you provide the person with either a pre-written recommendation OR at the very least bullets with what you’d like them to state in their recommendation. When a person provides you with a recommendation, they are doing you a favor. Do them a favor by making it as easy for them as possible.

You can join up to 50 groups… I want you to join 50 groups. But I don’t want you to join just any 50 groups. Join groups that contain your target audience. Do you want to be seen by recruiters? Join groups for recruiters. Do you want to be found by a hiring manager in IT? Join a group for IT managers. Make sure the groups you join have a large membership. By joining groups where your target audience exists you are increasing your odds of being found. Group members are added to your LinkedIn network. This is an easy way to expand your network and get found by more people.
Don’t try interacting in all 50 groups– there’s not enough time in the day. Instead, choose 1 or 2 active groups and those are the groups where you will participate.


Do you have less than 100 people in your 1st degree network? That’s not enough! Here’s how to determine the smallest number of people that should be in your 1st degree LinkedIn network:
(Your age – 15) * 25

Basically, since the age of 15, you should be meeting at least 25 new people every year. These don’t need to be friends but they are acquaintances. This is your network and you want your online network to reflect your offline network. Don’t be shy… CONNECT! Connect with your friends, family, past colleagues, old schoolmates, employers, vendors, service providers, teachers, customers, acquaintances, etc… You never know who may help you OR who may know someone who can help you.


Don’t join LinkedIn with the sole idea of getting a job. The biggest issue I see regarding LinkedIn is users who look at LinkedIn and expect opportunities to collide with them simply because they created a LinkedIn profile. In order to be truly successful on LinkedIn, it’s important to look at it as a way to help people. Use LinkedIn to recommend and endorse people. Use the status updates to provide links to compelling articles. Act as a connector and introduce like-minded connections. Jump into group discussions and offer advice and assistance. As soon as you start using LinkedIn to provide value, help others, and inspire, that’s when you will truly start colliding with opportunity.
In Conclusion…

I am so happy to have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch article. Thank you to Jonnelle Marte for a thoughtful and much needed article.

If you have any additional ideas, comments, or questions… scroll down to the comments and let me know what you think!
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Nice 2 c u !

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Donna L. Serdula

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LinkedIn Updates the Advanced Search Page

See full post here:

Just recently I was working with an Australian client when I discovered massive changes to LinkedIn’s Advanced Search screen. The Advanced Search screen is where you can perform more complex searches of your LinkedIn Network using specific criteria such as location, school, or industry.

To get to the LinkedIn Advanced Search page, all you have to do is click the Advanced link next to the search box in the upper right hand corner of LinkedIn.

Although this is a totally different interface than before, it contains the same information. The layout has shifted and the search fields are now located on the left hand side bar. It does not appear that any information was lost in this new design. You can still search using keywords, first & last names, title, company, school, location, industry, current & past companies and you can filter the results by the degree of your LinkedIn Network relationship.

The search results appear to have a slightly cleaner look but otherwise the page contains pretty much the same information as before.

There are a few items missing. One of which is the ability to sort the results by relevance, connections, and keywords. The ability to sort does appear when you widen the search beyond just people and include all types of results such as Companies, Jobs, Groups, Updates, etc…

The other item missing is the ability to display the search results in a basic or expanded manner. What this means is you could opt to see the most basic information on the people within the search results or you can expand the search results to show more expanded information like current and past companies. Perhaps these two items just haven’t yet made it into the new interface or LinkedIn decided to get rid of this ability.

Ultimately the LinkedIn’s new Advanced Search screen isn’t that much different.

When will you see the new LinkedIn Advanced Search?

Yesterday, May 1, 2013 is when I saw it for the first time. As I said previously, it appeared on an Australian client’s account. Perhaps this is something being rolled out only to the Australian market? My guess is that this is a new change that will be rolled out to everyone over the next few months.

LinkedIn is rather infamous for their long, drawn out roll outs. In fact, I am still seeing many clients who don’t have the new rich media functionality which enables you to embed videos, images, and documents into your LinkedIn profile.

When the new Advanced Search hits your account, don’t panic! As you can see, almost all the information is still there— it’s just been moved to the left hand side bar.
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Donna L. Serdula

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Become an Expert: Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn

In my quest to help people brand themselves professionally and leverage LinkedIn, I reached out to my friend, Janet Vasil. Janet is a sought after Media Expertizing Coach who teaches authors and experts, especially medical, health and wellness professionals, how to create a Magnetic Media Expert Platform online that boosts their visibility, credibility and media appeal to grow their business. Janet is also the author of 3 books including “The Late Bloomer Entrepreneur” available on and the Kindle book, “Online Video Works: 30 Ways in 30 Days.

Together we teamed up to offer a FREE online Webcast where we revealed effective strategies on how to best portray yourself as an expert on LinkedIn.

Watch this Webcast to find out exactly what you need to know to make a successful digital impression!

Become an Expert: Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn

Webcast Transcription
My name is Donna Serdula and welcome to my monthly Webcast devoted to helping you build your brand on LinkedIn and the Web! You can TWEET questions throughout this Webcast by using #LiMWebcast
Joining me today is Janet Vasil. Janet is a Media Expertizing Coach and Consultant and she helps authors, speakers, service professionals or entrepreneurs build a Magnetic Media Expert Platform to tell their story, grow business and make a difference in the world. Her mission is YOUR media success.

Janet– you help professionals from all over the world position themselves as experts in their industry. How did you get started down this path?

Why is it important to be considered an expert in this day and age?

What do you consider an expert? Is it simply a person who knows everything in his or her niche or is there more involved nowadays?

Can an expert call themselves an expert? Does it get down to the old Show Vs Tell?

When you look at those individuals who are considered experts… what qualities do they have? What are they doing differently?

If a person wanted to portray themselves as an expert on LinkedIn, what are 3 things you would suggest they do on LinkedIn?

Let’s look beyond LinkedIn… what are 3 things a person can do outside LinkedIn to solidify their status as expert?

How do you help your clients… can you describe some of the things you do to help a person achieve expert status?

Lastly, how can a person contact you if they’d like to work with you?
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Rick-- clearly we are talking about different things. Webinars work great for certain types of people.  I think watching what I am doing shows that you can absolutely provide lots of value without being out and out salesy.  I am in no way suggesting webinars or even LinkedIn profiles or writing a book is something that everyone must do across the board OR that it would be fruitful for EVERY single business person.  You have to determine your audience, your message, and your own ability.   
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Donna L. Serdula

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Dan Varroney's interview w/ ME is up on his blog. We discuss how #Associations can leverage #LinkedIn to grow & engage Membership. 

Click through to see the embedded video interview....

4 Strategic Steps Associations Can Use to Leverage LinkedIn.

Although Job Seekers and Headhunters scour LinkedIn, it can a be a potent platform for Associations. LinkedIn expert Donna Serdula, believes that Associations can leverage this powerful resource to “grow membership and  engage members too.” Serdula is Author of the popular book, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile; and a Contributor on the Potomac Core Consulting Blog.

1. Associations Harvesting Prospects
Twitter and Facebook surpass LinkedIn in sheer volume.  However, the business demographic makes LinkedIn a powerful destination to recruit members, says Serdula. Associations should view LinkedIn as a key element in their recruitment strategies.

2. Key Words Mean Everything
Serdula insists that Associations should have an “optimized” company page. Why? Associations populating their pages with key words that drive prospective member traffic to their page are game changers.

3. Associations Engage Members
Despite improvement in the overall economy, travel budgets are still not at pre recession levels. Associations are leveraging Social Media more often to engage members.  Recently for example, Jeffrey D. Morgan, President and CEO reported that Social Media is a key element of NIRI’s (National Investor Relations Institute) member engagement strategy. Many platforms facilitate member engagement, and LinkedIn is no exception.

4. Association Member Only Participation
LinkedIn makes it possible for Association members to engage in policy discussions. Policy committee leaders need not worry about non members or other outside parties listening in. Moderators can restrict participation to members only from the get go.

Author Alvin Toffler, in the introduction of “Future Shock,”  wrote “Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.” With its newly announced search capacity, LinkedIn is that much more effective in helping Associations grow and engage their members.

Donna Serdula LOVES LinkedIn. She is the author of the popular book, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile.

It was back in 2009 she decided to break free from corporate America and set out on her own path. She started Vision Board Media with the goal to help business and individuals leverage the Internet in their quest to market themselves. Donna is the foremost expert in LinkedIn profile optimization. She founded where she helps individuals from around the world brand themselves successfully using LinkedIn. Donna has appeared on Sirius XM Radio and NBC.
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My personal G+ page....
I am a LinkedIn evangelist-- self-appointed.  This is my personal G+ account. 

You can find my professional one here:
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The Restaurant Aux Vieux Canons was recommended to us as a good French restaurant and so we felt compelled to visit. The night before we dined at Auberge Louis-Hébert (which is right next door) and so our expectations were rather high. The woman who led us into the restaurant said, "The portions are very very ample!" That should have been the red light we needed, revealing this place isn't really a French joint. We ignored it and sat down. The waiter was really wonderful and helpful. We ordered from the 30.00 prix fix menu... and maybe that was the issue. The Escargots à l'ail was doused in far too much garlic. The Paté de campagne was just yucky. But maybe that's just Paté, I don't know. I ordered the Émincé de boeuf sauce au vin but the waiter suggested I get the NY Strip instead, which I did. (I learned long ago to listen to waiters, they truly know best). It was dry and the veggies that came with it were bland. Dessert was included. It was Crepe Capucine. Dessert was enjoyable but it was just a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a simple crepe with some maple syrup drizzled over it. Maybe if we had ordered from the more expensive menu the food would have been better. Regardless, we spent about the same amount at Auberge Louis-Hébert and were blown away by their meal. I wouldn't recommend this place...
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Loews Le Concorde in Quebec is a nice, average hotel located just a stone's throw from the old city. The hotel has a rotating restaurant on the top floor that provides a lovely sweeping view of beautiful Quebec City. There are nice restaurants neighboring the hotel. The hotel staff were bilingual and kind as could be. The concierge went above and beyond, providing us with maps and giving us tips on where to go and how to get there. Because I booked on Priceline, I was told my room was smaller than most. I suppose that's also the reason why the room was located behind the elevator. The lift produced an almost "white noise" like sound that actually wasn't terribly bad and didn't bother me in the least. The room itself was clean. The bed wasn't great but it wasn't bad, either. I was shocked that I had to pay to access their wi-fi network. But I guess it was a blessing since it kept me away from my computer. This is not a bad hotel-- it's clean and the people are just lovely. The city itself is wonderful and staying at the Loews provides easy access to the Old City.
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I've been going to Dr Tihansky since I was a little girl. He's a great dentist and I can't recommend him enough! He has years of experience and knows what he's doing.
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We stayed at the Loews hotel, just down the street from Auberge Louis-Hébert. The woman behind the front desk recommended we dine at Auberge Louis-Hébert if we wanted French cuisine. We took her suggestion and were very happy with our meal. The restaurant looks quite old from the front but as you walk further in you see that they've done massive renovations and the back dining rooms are very modern looking. The waitress was attentive and helpful. Apparently the chef has been there for years and is well respected. The food was amazing. Great place to eat. Definitely recommend it.
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Went to Siam Cuisine Thai Restaurant II this evening. The place was empty! The waiter was very attentive and polite. I ordered the Red Thai Chicken Curry. My date had Tofu Pad Thai. It arrived quickly. The ingredients were fresh. I thoroughly enjoyed my dish. I would definitely go back!
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