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I love versioning. My previous side job preparing monthly documents was helped by Git. It was easy to continue moving forward month by month, without worrying something harmful happened to previous documents. Furthermore, if things need to be fixed, Git's switch between versions are important tool.

Still, Git is publicly seen as programming tool.

Wondering if Git and book publishing are mixed, it will be an amazing service. Why not?

GitBook is the answer.

Document syntax uses Markdown. Page structure is made easier by simple layout file. No need to compile, just commit our files in local and push to Gitbook's server.

Great, 100 open books for free account.

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Haskell is for weekend? For some, this is not a joke.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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Time to migrate some of my things from Yahoo.

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Tahun 2016 yang manis untuk Chrome. Fungsi IE sudah jelas: untuk mengunduh Chrome.

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Kelas premium dari Xiaomi, Mi Mix. Hanya satu "kekurangan" yang disebut: bahan keramik membuat licin dipegang dan mwninggalkan bekas sidik jari.

Spek lain? Cocok buat saya: kamera depan 5 MP misalnya, buat apa dilebihi?

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Inconvenient truth about our planet: lakes evaporate and cities explode. Where will human go?

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On the storm of fake news, did Telegram make a good decision to launch Telegraph?

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Is it time Google to compete Foursquare on providing venues?

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Previously, I used En (US) for my Ubuntu keyboard layout. Unclearly, today some keys do not work as usual, for example delete and arrow keys get malfunction, cursor jumped to next line.

Following explanation from this page, I changed my keyboard layout to English (International AltGr dead keys).

This morning's amazing stories from my Telegram groups:

1. Microsoft loves Linux, from love affairs to marriage, join the Foundation.

2. The Foundation, with Samsung, Red Hat, Microsoft, to name a few, would like to develop on .NET. Java will be dumped?

Peace on earth. 
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