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Geoffrey Smith
Breathworker, Joyologist, Momentarian and Peaceful Visionary
Breathworker, Joyologist, Momentarian and Peaceful Visionary

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Buy my e-book, #breathing exercises that will help you enhance your life. 

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Come and join Geoffrey Smith for a very special evening of breathing together in Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark on 27th August 2013

This is will be an evening when you will be able to discover and directly experience the power of the breath to help you live a peaceful and happy life in line with your higher aspirations.
This will be an evening dedicated to sharing, breathing, stress management and well-being, while remaining firmly rooted in the reality of the here and now and the development of the principles and practice of mindfulness techniques.

What is it?
The technique is very simple and effective and has helped many people to improve the quality of their life both inner and outer. Once you have learnt the effectiveness of the connected breath you will be able to use it anywhere to restore calm and balance to your life.
The breath has been used through the ages in many different healing/shamanic traditions and forms the fundamental bedrock of meditation systems throughout the world.
There are many such breathing groups around the world at the moment.

Who should come?
The evening is open to any healthy person whether they are novices or experienced breathers!

What should I bring?
You will need to bring a mat to lie on, a pillow and a warm covering. You should dress very comfortably and warmly. You should also bring some water to drink.

Can I ask more questions?
Yes you can, simply contact Geoffrey by email or by phone and I will be very happy to answer any and all of your questions about breathwork or this event.

Contact Geoffrey on +32 486 50 90 08 or by email to

Costs: 440 DK

Book your place now!
There are only 10 places available

You can book a place for this event by via the facebook event page or by texting/calling Geoffrey on +32486509008

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Come and join me in the Google+ breathwork community

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Joni @ 70. amazing hope we can all be as well as her at that age.

Happy always lasts longer than sad.

Slow never fails to arrive.

And forever has only just begun. 

Proving once again that time is always on your side
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