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Clare Morris
I am passionate about learning!
I am passionate about learning!

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I enjoyed the way you moved from the reflective narrative to some pragmatic suggestions to shift the balance to a more 'democractic' engagement within medical education. I think there is much to learn from other health and social care professions - social work are particularly good at engaging 'experts by experience' in curriculum design, teaching and assessment activity. 
I am left thinking more about the hidden curriculum. As a socio-cutural theorist I am always curious about ways in which medical students are socialised into certain ways of thinking, acting , behaving - the implicit curriculum embedded in professional conversations and work activity. I think you capture this in your rich account above - how students are position to enact in certain ways with patients, how patients are positioned to respond. It takes courage to step outside of these cultural practices and to ask could we be doing this differently, what would different look like, how can we make it happen. This blog invites a response to those questions and more. Thanks Tim! Clare

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Wow! That was some thinking;) I shall do some more of my own and comment further - thanks for inviting me in....Clare
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