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Homily of His Holiness, Pope Francis. Feast of the presentation of the Lord. (Feb.2, 2016)
FEAST OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE LORD XIX WORLD OF CONSECRATED LIFE HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS Vatican Basilica Sunday, 2 February 2015 [ Multimedia ] Before our eyes we can picture Mother Mary as she walks, carrying the Baby Jesus in her arms. She...

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The Orphans and the Pious House of the Annunciation
from: "Acts and Processes of the Sanctity and of the Miracles of the Venerable Jerome Emiliani", Somascan Fathers, edited by Fr.Remo Zanatta, Houston, TX 2015. P.98-100. The
institution of the orphans girls, also founded by Miani, was near the
converted. Th...

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Historical Notes about the General Archive
Historical Notes about the General
Archive The General
Archive was located in Pavia, St. Maiolo Community, from 1569 until
1810, which was where Father General used to reside. In 1810 the
Congregation experienced the tragic event of the Napoleonic suppressi...

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Brief History of the Somascan Order
CENTURY The Somascan Order is part of the religious movement
that developed in the midst of the Christian renewal in the sixteenth century.
Founded in 1532, it is second in the chronolo...

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Provident Father
Provident Father, You call the young adults
by name from different families, cultures, and pasts - each of us unique and
made in your image, blessed and challenged with the different gifts given to us
by you. You call us to be one. You call us to be perfect...

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The Family continues to increase In April, we were talking about a large number of new children entering our “Lar” after the initial “wave” of children the odd one still kept coming. The last one just came on...

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Somascan missions in Nigeria
FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS For five centuries the Somascan Fathers and Brothers have
carried out throughout the world Saint Jerome Emiliani’s legacy, “work,
devotion, and charity are the Foundation of our activity”. OUR MISSION The Somascan Fathers or “The Co...

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The Evangelical Counsels Hidden in the Our Father
The Evangelical Counsels Hidden in the Our Father Freedom is the ability to live out the words of Christ
in His prayer commonly known as “The Our Father”. It is in the Our Father that
our earthly passage to complete eternal freedom is outlined.  I honestly ...
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