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Hi friends! Thanks so much for stopping by my website! I wish we could meet in person for a cup of coffee and a chat at my favorite beachside breakfast spot and enjoy the view and soft breeze off the water together! Sea Breeze, Florida, is a fictional town ...

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In Over My Head
When I was younger, I wasn’t afraid of the deep end. I’ve always loved the ocean.  I loved the wildness of it, riding the power of the waves into the shore, feeling them batter my body.  I loved diving into the wave instead of riding the crest of it.  Feeli...

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1:30 AM Duet
{ via } I’m keeping my three and 1/2 month old niece this week for my sister. She’s totally precious, but for most of the day yesterday she looked at me with great suspicion–along the lines of who are you and what did you do with my mom?!?!
Somewhere around...

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My Privilege
Yesterday at church I had the privilege of attending a baptism. My friend asked the members of our women’s small group to stand with her. I can’t remember when I’ve been so excited and so proud. And so blessed. After the baptism–because we’re women–we share...

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I love him, I love him, I love him
I love the scene in Dan in Real Life where the single dad goes to pick up his fourteen year old daughter at the coffee shop and finds her with (gasp!) a boy. He tosses her in the car with her sisters and driving off with her crying all the way, “But Dad, I ...

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Christmas Top Ten
Top Ten Favorite things this Christmas…
10. Playing Jumpin’ Monkeys with the kids.
9. Staying home in my pajamas all day and being creative with meals (yes, fudge and coffee is a perfectly acceptable breakfast)
8. Straightening my hair with my daughter’s ne...

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Cautionary Tale (Trials of a Soccer Mom)
I live in Florida, the Sunshine State. I know to wear sunscreen, therefore, I don’t get sunburned very often. It was really windy and a little chilly yesterday, so at my son’s soccer games, I was pretty well covered up. Only my face and the bottom half of m...

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Turtles Don't Like Cheerios
In our new neighborhood we have lots of ponds. I love them. I love the way the sun sets over them in the evening. I love the way the moon shines on them when I get up waaaaay too early in the morning. (Thank you, first child, who just had to go to school th...

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Real Life Conversation 01
Me : Tell me “Good night, wonderful Mommy.” Kid 2 : Why wonderful? Me : Uh, I did your science for you? (she thought I was “helping”) Kid 2 : (laughing) Oh, yeah, okay. You did…But Dad brought me chocolate. Me : Dad wins.

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Mother's Day
I love Mother’s Day. I love being able to say, “Sorry…you can’t do that/watch that/say that. It’s Mother’s Day.” It only happens once a year, so I figure that I have to take full advantage of it.
I wish I could say I’m Queen of the house all the time, but m...
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