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Juhana Lampinen
Leadership, Creativity and Innovation consultant and Freelance Photographer.
Leadership, Creativity and Innovation consultant and Freelance Photographer.

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#leadership #management #innovation made simple. Tip #1

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Oma mökki Saimaan rannalle? Jos olet kiinnostunut yhdestä tai molemmista tonteista, niin ota yhteyttä minuun.

Hauskaa pääsiäistä!

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Some glass art from friend of mine. If you are interested - send me a message. 
Timpfunny art
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How investing in increasing the emotional intelligence of employees converts to increased profitability? Would be great to know what you think about it.

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The first walk'n fly of the year. Life is great! 
Just because I feel great on the mountains

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I need your ideas!

The soil of our garden is way too tight and that means lawn does not grow. I have tried planting seeds, watering a lot, water little, calcium, fertilisers, little bit of new soil in and roll-turf. All of those did not work.

Before digging 20 cm soil out and bringing 10 cub is meter new solid in I would like to explore alternatives for plain old turf.

So I would be very grateful for any alternative idea for plain old lawn. Please do not think if your idea is good, bad, implementable, practical, expensive, cheap, funny, hilarious, cool, not cool, dull, interesting, lame, brilliant, or whatever.

Here are couple of picture of the area with dimensions.

JUST STATE YOUR IDEA INTO THIS THREAD. Use text, pictures, videos whatever. Let's see what kind of crazy stuff you can come up with. :-)
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We will arrange free emotional intelligence demo in Salzburg in Austria on the 16.1.2014. If you are interested please reserve your seat under the link below. There is only a limited number of seats available… Welcome!

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Did you know how our brain reacts to emotions? Maybe, but how can you actively manage your behaviour using increased awareness of your emotions? Great couple of minutes video about the topic. #emotionalintelligence   #leadership  

The original blog post can be found here:

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Exploring EmotionaI Intelligence with Jo Maddocks and Mike Ponting. #emotionalintelligence  

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Don't you think what you want in life is more important, than how much time or money you have to put in to get there? #emotionalintelligence  
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