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Social Selling Folks, I've got an intro to make for you.

Had a conversation yesterday with a PhD named Laura who runs a company helping doctoral candidates in universities complete their thesis. Her current strategy is using saved searches to reach out to students who are currently in a doctoral program.

She knows she can be more effective with outreach, and I told her I'd love to make some intros, and this is the best group I can think of to ask for LI experts who specialize in outreach.

Please share with me your email addresses so I can intro. Thx!

LinkedIn Honeypots - A Serious Problem?

I'm really stingy about who I connect with on LinkedIn, so I don't get much spam, but a reporter reached out asking about honeypots. She's curious how prevalent fake profiles are for email harvesting.

Anyone in here have much experience with those types of fake profiles?

Also, any companies that deal with security for LI that might have network-wide stats about it? 

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I have a potential client that is seeing some really low levels of engagement from her posts. She has 2300+ connections, and pretty good content, but gets like 1-2 likes per post, and only 15-30 views on each post.

I have fewer connections than her, but have views in the thousands for every post.

Any ideas how she might up her engagement?

Similar story with her LI Publisher articles!

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And in case anyone is interested to see a preview of the new homepage, use this link courtesy of the LinkedIn Advisors survey:

I think I like everything except option for advanced search. Anything else missing that I'm forgetting?

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New LinkedIn UI - I just got an email from the LinkedIn Advisors group at LinkedIn asking for feedback around a new UI design. Thought the group might be interested in checking out the limited experience.

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Too hot not to share with the group - Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion!

Below is the internal announcement from CEO Jeff Weiner about the rationale behind selling. I'm most interest to see what happens with the ad platform, since Bing has done a KILLER job of building theirs, while few would argue that LinkedIn's could use a little help :)

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Dooo eeeet!

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Everything you've ever wanted to know about LinkedIn Ads - a Q&A with LinkedIn Ads pro, Viveka Von Rosen.

Viveka recently came out with a course on for LinkedIn advertising. Check it out if you're looking to learn more!

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Utah tech week hackathon!
+Utah Tech Week is hosting a hackathon on October 6th. Companies will send teams of 4-5 people. Those teams will compete for $10,000, and for the title of Utah's Best Dev Team. Does your team have what it takes? 

Sign Up Now

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