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iOS, flash, web developer; amateur illustrator
iOS, flash, web developer; amateur illustrator

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lulu coupon code!
Remember I promised to tell you that Lulu coupon? It's WQT32 for 35% off until December 3. Artists still get paid 100% so support the many many independents operating risk-light (or risk-free!) through Lulu! No waiting for your Kickstarter rewards or wondering if your pre-order will ever fill. Instant gratification!

Well you still have to wait for the mail.

+Martin Ralya's awesome list of All Things Games at Lulu is a great place to start.

locked out out facebook thanks to "real name" policy. they require me to upload an ID in order to log in at all now! maybe i'll start using g+ more again instead :P

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wow i can be "bunnyhero" without fear of banning.

(a bit late, but...)

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i'm learning #cocos2d -x, and i'm blogging about it. here's my first post (also, new blog!).

hopefully someone will find this useful...   #gamedev  

testing new layout 1-2-3.

whoa share box animation.

so gmail just marked a legitimate email from google adsense as spam
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