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Freelance Writer, Author and Blogger.
Freelance Writer, Author and Blogger.

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Are you struggling to find your mojo after the Christmas holidays? Rea here for 5 amazing ways to get back on track and kicking goals for 2019!
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The top questions I have been asked this year as a freelance writer and WAHM!
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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs

As a mum…or dad…let's just say parent…you question every decision you make. Every choice of parenting style, every discplinary action you take. You feel guilty for working, or for not working.

You feel guilty for not cooking nutritious meals ever single night.

You beat yourself up if you miss a first milestone, such as a first step or first word.

You constantly question whether something you say or do will scar your little person for the rest of their life.

You give so much of yourself to these little humans.

You sacrifice your body, sleep, relationships, finances, and so much more to ensure they have the best start in life you can possible give them.

Sometimes, there are days where they drive you bonkers and you even question the fact you had children in the first place.

Than there are times when they are snuggled up close reading stories or even sleeping, those times they actually play nicely together, the moments they laugh together, your 16month old will stroke your face and hair or bring her brother his snuggy to cheer him up, or your 3.5 year old will help you put a load of washing on, fall asleep on you or just want cuddles.

Those are the moments that keep you going.

Those are the times you treasure and that make EVERYTHING worth it.

These tiny little people are dependent on YOU to show them how to live a full and happy life. And they are the moments that THEY will remember for the rest of their life.

Happy Saturday to you and all your family :)
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Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast

This song has been in my head all week coz it's summer…yeah baby!

I LOVE summer. Beach, BBQs, daylight savings ….what is not to love?!

What is your favourite thing about summer?
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The end of another week…or so it seems

For me, Friday does NOT mark the end of the week.

I feel like I don't actually have one at the moment! I am working weekend shifts as a nurse, plus I am doing a lot of work on some other side projects at the minute. So it feels like I am working in one way or another ALL THE TIME!

I will keep going hard at it until Christmas, and than take some time off. Hopefully in the New Year I will be able to claim Friday as the end of the week again!

How about you?

Do you work over the weekends too?
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Favourite tools for freelancers

I have several "tools" that I could not run my business (or home life) without!

I use Asana for project management.

Rounded for invoicing and finances.

Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and planning/content calendars.

Hootsuite for social media scheduling.

And a good old diary and pen!

What are your favourite tools to use?
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Check out the latest Guest Post of the Month from the lovely Diana Siame.
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Christmas presents for the writer in your life

As a writer what do you WANT for Christmas?

Are there any writing gadgents, tools, resources you want? Or something else? A new journal?

I need some ideas for my christmas list to give to hubby!
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With how crazy busy everything gets in the silly season this 9 step process to write blogs is simple, easy and fast!
How to write a blog post in 9 easy steps.
How to write a blog post in 9 easy steps.
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