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Dmitri Alden
NYC Liver Cancer Specialist Surgeon, NYC Pancreatic Cancer Surgoen, NYC Bile Duct Cancer Surgeon. The NYC Surgeon has dedicated his life to the war on liver, bile duct, and pancreatic cancer.
NYC Liver Cancer Specialist Surgeon, NYC Pancreatic Cancer Surgoen, NYC Bile Duct Cancer Surgeon. The NYC Surgeon has dedicated his life to the war on liver, bile duct, and pancreatic cancer.

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Best Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon NYC New York - Call (212) 434-6216

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Best Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon NYC New York Video - Call (212) 434-6216 #Best #Pancreatic #Cancer #Surgeon #NYC #NewYork

Sovaldi Controversy

How much would you pay for a drug that could potentially eradicate a disease like Hepatitis C? Gilead Sciences, Inc., which manufactures such a drug, believes that US patients should pay $84,000 dollars for just 12 weeks of treatment.

While Sovaldi, a prescription medication that is taken once a day and used with other antiviral medication to treat Hep C, is marked at $84k in America, other countries receive a severe discount:

US: $84k
Germany: $67k
Canada and the United Kingdom: $55k
Egypt: $900

Why is it that Egyptians pay less for an entire treatment supply than Americans pay for one pill? The reasons may vary. From a population standpoint, Egypt has the highest number of Hepatitis C-infected individuals. Their problem began back in the 1970s when the Egyptian government ran campaigns to stomp out schistosomiasis, a disease that’s caused from drinking water contaminated with parasitic worms. The needles used to treat the schistosomiasis were poorly sterilized.

It could be argued that Gilead, which was founded in California, is doing a good deed and helping an area that is in dire need of treatment. But is it fair for Egyptians to receive such a price cut when most of the Americans infected with Hepatitis C are part of the lower economic class? Supposedly, Sovaldi costs less than $200 dollars to manufacture and Gilead is charging its US price to earn back what it spent in acquiring Pharmasset, the company that originally produced Sovaldi. When that tab is paid, however, I find it hard to believe the price for Sovaldi will go down. In an effort to make Sovaldi more affordable, Gilead has initiated a Support Path for its Hep C drug. The path will help “eligible” patients in the US who are uninsured or under-insured, but the amount financial assistance isn't specified.

While it is important to consider the amount of time and resources that went into developing Sovaldi and getting it on the market, you must consider the target audience. The people who Sovaldi is designed for have advanced liver disease and cancer. They are in pain and need treatment. Top-notch medication should cost more than your over-the-counter medicines, but they need to remain affordable and reasonable, especially when they are sold for a fraction of the price in other countries. What does it benefit the medical field to develop genius treatments like Sovaldi and then make them unaffordable for the very people they are meant to cure? There is no benefit, not to the people I treat.

Hepatitis C—What to Know

The hepatitis virus comes in various forms, but none are as damaging to the liver as Hepatitis C. A contagious liver disease, Hepatitis C infects approximately 17,000 Americans each year, adding to the 3.2 million people who are currently infected in United States alone. Statistics show that 5% of people infected with Hepatitis C will develop liver cancer.

How It’s Spread
Hepatitis C is spread when blood from an infected person makes contact with an uninfected person. Needle sharing, sex, childbirth, blood transfusions and organ transplants (prior to 1992) can all result in Hepatitis C infections. Because Hepatitis C can reside in your body for years without symptoms, it is important that you be tested for the virus if you have ever done drugs, even if you only did them once many years ago.

More than 75% of people infected with Hepatitis C were born between 1945-1965 (Baby Boomers) and are not even aware that they have contracted the disease. For this reason, the Center for Disease Control strongly recommends that Baby Boomers be tested for the virus.

Different Types of Hepatitis
The three most common forms of hepatitis are Hepatitis A, B, and C.

Two kind of Hepatitis C exist: acute and chronic. Acute Hepatitis C infections are short-term, can go away without treatment, and are typically uncommon. Between 75-85% of those infected with Hepatitis C develop chronic infections. These infections cannot be cured and are known to lead to liver damage, cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. Unlike its sister viruses, Hepatitis C cannot be prevented through vaccinations, but antiviral medications are available for treatment.

Different from Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A is solely an acute infection that spreads through the ingestion of feces, usually microscopic amounts. Vaccines are available for prevention, and the infection eventually clears with no lasting liver damage.

Like Hepatitis A, there are preventative vaccines for Hepatitis B. This virus spreads through contact with infected blood, semen, and other bodily fluids. Hepatitis B can be either acute or chronic, with 15-20% of those chronically infected developing liver disease, cirrhosis, liver failure or liver cancer.  Globally, 2 billion people have been exposed to Hepatitis B, 360 million are infected, and 620,000 die each year from the disease.  Hepatitis B has become a non-issue domestically since the vaccines have been given to babies since the 1980s.

Hep C Care
Because hepatitis comes in several forms, and each form has its own set of precautions and methods of care, it is important for you to seek help from a liver specialist if you have a hepatitis infection. Liver specialists are more knowledgeable than primary care physicians in regards to hepatitis and will be able to better assist you in monitoring the disease’s progression.

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Liver Cancer Specialist NYC Youtube Video.

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Best NYC Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon: Dr. Dmitry Alden, a liver cancer and pancreatic cancer surgery specialist, spearheads a highly specialized liver & pancreas surgery practice dedicated exclusively to surgery of the liver and pancreas.

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Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon New York City, Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon NYC: complimentary consultations #pancreaticcancersurgeon   #pancreaticcancer   #pancreaticcancersurgeonnyc

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Dmitri Alden MD FACS - Top Liver Cancer Surgeon NY

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Liver Cancer Specialist Surgeon: Dr. Alden offers remote consultations to patients and medical professionals anywhere in the world
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