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Nishadha Silva
Internet Marketing Specialist with more than five years experience in SEO, Social Media, Conversion optimizatin and Blogging
Internet Marketing Specialist with more than five years experience in SEO, Social Media, Conversion optimizatin and Blogging


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Why projects fail? I've covered it in this article.

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Scary thought if you're storing important data on the cloud.

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How to use Gmail to increase your local listings. An excellent read and very useful if you're a local business owner.
Gmail Review Technique: Use Gmail to get Google Local Listing Reviews

I know you'll agree with me that if you’re a local business, you need to have positive reviews. But how can you get them from your customers and get them by making it easier for them to take that action. Learn the Gmail Review Technique to learn how your emails can generate reviews for you.

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This is why content marketing fails. Great article by +Rand Fishkin of +Moz 
Content Marketing.  I'm not sure how to summarize this but I enjoyed this presentation.   Although it is 86 slides they go really fast and Rand Fishkin really knows the art form of slide presentations.   If you don't have time for the whole thing, check out the first part with what is "supposed to happen" with content marketing.  I almost winced it was so absurd. 

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Why you should never visit Sri Lanka ;) #srilanka #travel  
This is why you should never visit Sri Lanka. With 31 reasons it shouldn't be that hard to make the decision :-) . #srilanka #traveltips  

Question About Park Street Mews

I want to add the Curve Bar, which is inside Park Street Mews building complex. I have gone ahead and added that.  Please approve it.

I also want to add the phone number of Park Street Mews restaurant but there is no option like that because I think its marked as a ground/building. How can I add the phone number and the website of the Park Street Mews Restaurant.

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Use These Tools to Launch Your Startup

Here's a collection of tools that will come in very handy when launching your startup. Although its targeted towards start-ups they are very useful for small businesses as well.
I've mentioned some things you can do to get them at hugely discounted prices too. #startup #startuptips #webtools  

I'm not sure whether this is the right community but this is related to Google maps so apologies in advance if this is the incorrect forum.

This is about verifying a local business. Especially ones in Colombo where there are sub localities. For example take this local business

The business address for this location is 623 D, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya. And Google map maker allows me do add this although I need to specify the city as well, which is Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte.

When I go to verify this as a local business in the postcard it shows at 623 D, Nawala Road, Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte . For some reason the postcard doesn't arrive when you give this address.

Is there any workaround for this ?

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How +Creately went from an idea to a product with customers like +NASA , +PayPal , and +National Geographic .
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