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What may be hidden in your walls...MOLD!
Mold growth can form in homes and offices inside wall cavities without showing any signs of water staining, walls damage, visible mold and does not have to have an odour. We have seen homes with a small mold issue and a strong odour and we have seen homes with a large hidden mold issue with absolutely no odour at all.
If you are having allergies or health problems at home that seem to get better or go away when you leave...have it tested. We can show you if you have a mold issue and where it is hiding without being destructive and without making holes in your walls.
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Do you have a strange odour in your home? How do you know its not mold?

If you have had water damage in the could have mold! Water damage can be from a flood, foundation leak, plumbing malfunction as well as condensation from elevated humidity.

Mold growth can lead to musty odours. However, the odour can also in some cases smell like a chemical or have no odour at all.

We specialize in non-destructive mold inspections that can find hidden mold growth as well as determine what mold species are airborne and what you and your family are inhaling. Why have allergies at home. Have a mold inspection performed today.
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Mold Spores and Health

Many of our clients call us wanting to know more about the negative health effect of mold growth and mold spores.

Indoor environments such as homes and office can develop a mold growth issue through water penetration and elevated humidity. The resulting mold growth can cause an increase in airborne mold spores. Some of these mold spores can carry mycotoxins which when inhaled can lead to mild to severe health issues or allergies. In some cases there can be serious and long term health problems.

Call us for a complete mold assessment and airborne mold spore assessment.
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Mold Inspection
Are you suspecting a hidden mold growth issue in your home or at work? Have you had previous water damage issues that may not have fully dried out or have not been professionally dried? Are you smelling any unusual odours? Are you concerned for your health?

You may need a mold inspection!

We can determine if you have a hidden mold growth issue without being destructive. We can also determine if your health is at risk through having the air quality tested for airborne mold spores. We can help you solve your mold growth issues.

Call us for a mold inspection today
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Lyme Disease and Mold In Your Home

Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent in North America. Lyme disease cases are on the rise. One of the factor that can make it worse and prolong the symptoms is mycotoxins from mold growth in your home. If you have a hidden or visible mold growth issue in your home that is producing spores and mycotoxins, recovery from lyme disease can be more involved.

Some doctors are looking into the possibility that mold exposure and its associated mycotoxins can make people more susceptible to lyme when bitten by the tick that carries the bacteria responsible for lyme disease.
Call us today...we can figure out if you have a hidden mold issue.
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If you are going away this summer...make sure you don’t come back to mold growth in your home.

If you go away from your home for an extended period of time, make sure you have a competent person go through your home (all rooms) every 3 days. This is to ensure you don’t have a basement flood, a burst plumbing pipe issue or a broken hot water tank. This type of unwanted moisture can lead to high humidity, condensation and mold growth within a few days. Most insurance polices will not cover you if this happens and no one was visiting the home regularly.
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Mold Detection Dog and Mold Odours

How can a mold detection detect the location of hidden mold growth.

Detector dogs are trained to find anything that has an odour. From drugs, bombs, money, food items even missing people, dogs have been used for decades to locate an object according to smell or odour. Mold growth in most cases has a noticeable or detectable odor. In some cases we as humans can detect the mold odour ourselves in a room or building and in other cases the odor is very faint where only a dog can detect it. The nose of a dog is about 1000 times for sensitive than a human nose.

Properly trained mold detection dogs can locate mold growth behind walls, under floors or behind objects. Call us today for more information.
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Mould Detection Dog...what a great job!

Dogs have many interesting jobs. From arson inspections, bomb and drug sniffing to alerting its owner of peanuts being eaten in a building. Dogs have interesting jobs.
Our working K-9 ‘Ranger’ is trained to find hidden mould growth in buildings. In most cases mould can hide inside walls, above ceilings and under floors. Our mould detection dog can find this hidden growth since mould has a scent.
We keep Ranger safe! If there is lots of visible mould in a building or we humans can’t be there without a respirator...he does not enter the building. Call us today for a comprehensive mould assessment using Ranger.
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Do you suspect a mold growth issue in your ducts?
Don’t just have it prayed by a duct cleaning company. Even a mold remediation company may tell you it’s a serious mold issue when it may not be.
If you have a mold issue in your ducts it will need to be remediated properly. Only an independent mold assessment performed by a mold consultant that does not also do mold remediation should perform a mold assessment.
This way the conflict of interest is removed.
In some cases its not even mold at all but a dust issue or air quality problem.
Call us today, we can help. 
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Mold and selling your home.
If you may have a hidden mold growth issue, you may want to have a mold inspection prior to selling your home. Nothing can ruin a real estate deal faster that the discovery or even the suspicion of hidden mold growth. In many cases a hidden mold growth issue can be easily rectified in several days for a few thousand dollars on average. The discovery of a hidden mold issue in the selling process can leas to tens of thousands of dollars lost in the real estate purchase due to inflated emotions.
Call us today for an independent mold assessment.
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