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anthrotechnologist, stuntblogger, media monsterback
anthrotechnologist, stuntblogger, media monsterback

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The head of Scotland Yard just resigned.

That follows a story in the NYTimes yesterday that Scotland Yard not only knew about the News of The World phone hacking scandal for four years and did nothing about it, but actively worked to prevent the story from coming out. -

Brits tend to trust their institutions far more than people in the US do, but this is really going to shake that faith.

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would be nice if the gmailish chat left rail would show who is hanging out where. would be groovy to hang out and jam, what kind of latency issues would mess that up though?

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Not quite videos, not quite photos: Cinemagraphs

(Click on the picture to see the magic happen).

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Google+ Tip for the day: Stop treating Google+ like Facebook.

When I got my Google+ invitation, I was already itching to shed my Facebook profile. I still feel that way, but I’m starting to realize something really surprising (at least for me): I don’t think Google is my Facebook stand-in. I think Google is far more than a measly “social network,” and that’s why some of my Facebook friends who are migrating over right now seem to be, as they say on the Internet, “doing it wrong.”

I've been a devoted Googlephile for many years, so if Google wanted me to use G+ instead of Facebook, it was gonna happen -- unless they really goofed it up, of course (I'm still not entirely over my breakup with Wave, Google -- but at least I've stopped leaving those creepy voicemails, right?). The push and pull factors were there. They were obvious: Facebook is for “moms” and spam robots -- Google was going to be my new social network.

But something didn't feel quite right about treating my Google+ profile like my Facebook profile, nor treating my Circles like the Facebook social groups I wished I'd always had. There was content everywhere, written by people I’d heard of -- and many I hadn’t. Something about this space was very different than anything Facebook has ever allowed me to experience. It felt like something else, something... bigger, maybe more important. Something collaborative, perhaps. How very Google!

My friends, however, don’t seem to be having the same Google+ experience I am. My tendency so far has been to add as many people with as many interesting views as possible to my Circles, and then to read voraciously and respond all over the place. Meanwhile, my real-life friends are complaining that there’s not enough content to appease them, and I’m the only one dominating their Streams. Why is this happening for them? I think it comes from a fundamental set of expectations about moving from Facebook to Google+. People are treating their Google+ accounts just like Facebook accounts. And I think that’s a doomed approach.

Here is how I think Google+ can be most fully enjoyed and utilized, at this early stage:

Think about what you use Facebook for. If it’s for keeping up with old friends and for keeping up with current, local friends, great. You can use Google+ for that, and it’s definitely got a leg up on Facebook for filtering content.

Interact with content created by users you don’t know personally. If you don’t follow people you don’t already know, you’re going to get bored, and not just because your friends aren’t all here yet. You’ll get bored even after they’ve all arrived. Why do you think Facebook started implementing games and applications? Well, to make money, obviously, but what was the draw for the userbase? I’m willing to bet Facebook figured out that simply reading your friends’ thoughts all day long gets old, and let’s be honest: very few of us have enough friends with enough interesting posts to keep us engaged.

If you like the social games on Facebook,’re not really my target audience. Sorry. For the rest of you -- if you don’t like how Facebook allowed third party junk to start bombarding you with game requests and access to your information, embrace its absence here so far!

I realize that at some point, developers may come up with cool ways to implement games on Google+, but I expect that Google will have learned from the clunky, disorganized, and downright invasive way developers approached this in Facebook. And the best way to keep Google+ rich in content and devoid of lame, invasive apps is to let go of your old ideas about what it means to be on a social network.

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(baratunde note: this is a seriously cool job. you get to design an alternate reality AND work with ME!)

The Onion is looking for a talented and experienced Sr. Graphic Designer to join our team in New York. You will have the opportunity to solve challenging visual problems in a fast-paced and results-oriented environment.

The ideal candidate will have outstanding visual design skills with a strong sense of graphic design, layout, color, typography, and style, and a deep appreciation for simple, sleek, and usable interfaces. You will also need a clear understanding of interaction design and user experience. Video production and editing skills are a big plus.

| Job Description |
Work closely with design team in Chicago and NY to create a highly polished visual experience that fully represents brand, market, and end-user requirements

Proactively identify opportunities for improvements, and propose innovative changes to the visual design process

Visually define and refine The Onion and AV Club online look and feel
Maintain brand identity style guides while providing a fresh approach

| Experience |
Must have experience working on a high traffic websites

4+ Design experience

Expert-level knowledge of CS4/5 design tools

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Flash

Strong web and interactive design knowledge with the ability to iterate and produce multiple solutions

Excellent organization, communication skills with strong attention to detail.

To apply, please send resume, cover letter, sample PDF portfolio and website link with "Senior Graphic Designer / [Name]" in the subject line to:

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If you feel a bit lost about the phone bugging scandal involving the News Corporation and the News Of The World, enjoy John Oliver as he explains it all. It's perhaps the best recap you'll ever see.
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