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Conversations in Consciousness
Conversations in Consciousness


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Sujok Hand Diagram

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Four Principles
How can we tell if we're on the path correctly?  I gave four principles,
which I really never do in the waking state. I never have a teaching.   But I was giving a teaching, so I'll share it with you.  I explained four
principles, where you know that you'...

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Cosmic Joke
up! Give up all your foolish habits. There's absolutely nothing to fear
and nothing to fight. There's absolutely nothing to overcome, nothing
to rectify. T here's absolutely nothing
to achieve, nothing to want, to desire. How can you desire anythin...

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Isn't it wonderful when everything is quiet?
Isn't it wonderful when everything is quiet?  Especially when I shut up and don't talk anymore.  Things become much better.  So let's really sit in the silence.  When I say: "Sit in the silence", I'm not speaking of human quietness. I mean the silence beyon...

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Your mind is a bunch of waves.
  Robert Adams: The Collected Works Transcript 1 You Must Have Your Own Experience 3rd August, 1990 Pages 26/27 R: What we use here sometimes which is a very good beginning is the I-am meditation. You relax your body and you inhale and you say, "I," and you...

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Day 8 of Afformations for Creatives
Remember - now you are using afformation you can ake action from this more positive and generative space You are now, making assumptions about life and your relationship to it  assumptions  that form the basis of how you go through life – with positivity or...

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Afforming for Creatives Day 7
Remember -Your mind is like a computer. Once you put your Afformation in motion and keep asking your new, positive questions, your mind will begin to search for the answer without your conscious volition. What   positive things are noticing after your first...

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Afformations for Creatives Day 6
 Remember to let your mind search for the answers to your question. The point of afformations is not to actually cognitively  answer the question you are presenting. The point of afformations is to begin to use your mind in a generative  new way – to begin ...

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You're boundless space.
Ponder these things. There is no-one to do anything. Yet you appear to be doing something.  Do not be confused about this.  Paradoxically you will always be doing something yet in reality and in truth you will be doing nothing.  There is really no-one who h...

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Afformations for Creatives day 5
Did you play with the earlier afformations? If not, it does not matter as you can play with the affomations in any order. The main thing is to pick one and use it by simply asking it several times a day. This gives your subconscious a positive job to do,  a...
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